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<<<<<<< HIGH = ON = True = logical "1" = 5volts LOW = OFF = False = logical "0" = 0volts

3 parts to programme: 1. variable declaration (space in memory) 2. setup (part of code that runs only once) 3. loop (part of code that runs forever)

When reseting board, only a 5 second window is available to upload new code. Otherwise reverts to old code on board.

Electricity runs from negative to positive.

LED: Have polarity and electricity runs in one direction. Fixed voltage. Long pin = positive = closes to power; short pin = 0 volt

Resistor: Component that transforms electricity into heat. Value determined through colour lines. Has no polarity, meaning electricity will run either way it is plugged (unlike LED). Can change voltage. Resistor is used to protect component. (resistor->+ pin LED->ground)

Resistor colour coding stripes: red=2 brown=black brown=1 last one is multiplyer

Arduino Board: ports 0 and 1 are used for serial communication through the computer. 2 types of input: 1. Digital (HIGH/LOW) 2. Analog (signals anywhere from 0-5v)

Pull-down resistor Pull-up resistor (active load) (all chinese toys are active load)

Analog to Digital Conversion makes a table of values 0 = 0 bits 1.75 = 256 2.5 = 512 5.0 = 1024

analogRead(#) # is bits read grnd->resistor->out to input/onward to sensor->5v

LDR (Light Dependant Resistor) NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Potentiometer (variable resistor)

Range and Threshold Range depends on set-up of installation. Adjusting is called calibration.

Fading LED PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Sound: Piezo element used (red active, white ground). Converts electricity to mechanical movement vise versa.


UCLA - OPEN 2007

- David, Arduino Developer, create a community at UCLA

- noriaki sciarc interactive architecture

- Su?, TA, grad. in Design Media Arts

- Leon, DMA, learn

- Mary, DMA, presentation looks cool --> robots (damn)

- Rebecca, visting, fashion & tech

Reactive Fashion Bennington Wiki page

- Silvia, alumni, get started (aka, learn) --> magnetic lady

- Xarene, grad DMA, ultimate goal to create architecture, responsive, reactive, interactive. any of those. Wireless technologies

- Jihyun, grad. DMA, Relay, turns things on/off

- Chandler, faculty, DMA, have fun

- Takashi, grad DMA, getting started

- Penny, faculty Arts Center, controlling LEDs, introduction

- John, DMA, the other TA

- Jon, under DMA, getting started, programming for the physical world

- Michael (Jon wannabe), uDMA, leaaaarn >>>>>>>