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Not sure what kind of thing to put here.

So OK, you must want the story of my life, and how it relates to the Arduino, right?

As a young boy, I used to collect old TV sets from the alleys in Chicago. I'd clip their parts and make things I'd see in "Electronics Illustrated".

After High School, I worked at Allied Electronics - the industrial division of Allied Radio (Knight Kits!). Parts, parts, parts. (In 1967 Allied was sold to LTV which sold it to Tandy, and has since become the disappointing "only game in town" that it is today.)

In the Air Force I was the electronics guy on a missile crew. Lots of time spent underground with a guidance system.

After college (zoology major!) I got a job fixing electronic cash registers - down to the component level.

Cash registers became my career (oddly enough) and after fooling around with a Timex Sinclair and learning Z80 assembler I wound up becoming a director of PoS software in Colorado where I now live.

When the company was young, we worked with Olivetti in Iverea Italy. We lived in Vistrorio where the cows came down the street with chimes on their necks. I still have some good friends from that period. I programed in PL1.

In Iverea, there was much talk about King Arduino. Especially during the Orange Festival.

So, when I heard about the Arduino, I knew it was a milestone in my life that leads all of the way back, over 50 years, to the alleys in Chicago.

Great world. Small world. Peace

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