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Listing of all Arduino Tutorials


Comprehensive Guides

AVR Related


Protothreading, Timing & Millis

  • HowTo use protothreads Tutorial for the protothread library with an arduino, includes an examples. Download the zip file, see post bottom for link.
  • How and Why to avoid delay and use millis() timers instead - an example driven explanation. Serves also as an introduction to doing several things at once.
  • Timing Rollover, how to handle it, and some simple code examples.
  • uCHobby Arduino Interrupts - comprehensive explanation of the use of Timers.

Input / Output






  • Bit Math Tutorial: Learn how to decipher all those cryptic formulas you see in C code that use symbols like &= and <<. Start using bitwise operators in your own code to save memory and perform sophisticated low-level operations on your microcontroller hardware.
  • FFT tutorial: Learn how to implement Fast Fourier Transform in Arduino
  • FIR filters tutorial: Learn how to implement FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters in Arduino
  • Compensating for differences between pulseIn and FreqCounter measurements - A tutorial on compensating for the inaccuracy of software-implemented frequency measurement
  • Hardware RNG: Learn how to Generate Random Numbers out of an improperly wired transistor !


  • Capacitance meter: DIY Arduino based capacitance meter.
  • Fast signal sampling: Running analog to digital conversion in fast mode.
  • Shutter speed: Determining the shutter speed of a (digital) camera.
  • Supply Voltage Measurement: Determine the supply voltage of an Arduino (after the regulator).
  • Simple Foto Trigger: Determine when two needles poke through a water balloon in order to trigger a foto flash.
  • ELF EMF: Measure Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields using a simple piece of wire and an Arduino board!

Data Structures & Algorithms


  • Arduino on Ice - How to stream Internet Radio via Shoutcast & Icecast.
  • Sound capture: an introduction to sound capture and the way to use collected data. Micro Light show is one particular application of sound capture combined with FFT.


Wireless Monitoring and Control with a Smartphone

  • Annikken Andee Resources - A resource library full of lessons and in-depth tutorials, complete with quick howto guides on how to easily create various user interface elements (display boxes, buttons, slider controls) on your smartphone by simply coding in Arduino!