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This library is an extension of Karlsens UTFT and UTouch Libraries

Version 1.3

This page is a work-in-progress

For those who are using Karlsen's UTFT and/or UTouch libraries for their TFT LCD displays and want to get a little more out of it, then this is the library for you. (This library also works for the third party Modded ITDB02 libraries too, for those who have to use it like me)

With this library, you the user, now have a wide range of touchable buttons as well as other goodies that you can play with.

I have included both square/rectangular, circular and triangular buttons, of which can be used as either a normal touch screen button, a latching button, radio buttons and touch delay buttons. Some other features include horizontal and vertical sliders and bargraphs, a basic gauge and both a standard and mobile based keyboard.

Types of buttons:

• Touch button (Rectangle/ Circle /Triangle) : Able to have centered text
• Latching button (Rectangle/ Circle/ Triangle) : Able to have centered text
• Touch Delay button (Rectangle/ Circle/ Triangle)
• Radio buttons (Rectangle and Circle) : Able to have centered text
• Touchable sliders (Horizontal and Vertical)
• Keyboard (Standard and Mobile)


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