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Required Libraries

  • ZumoMotors
  • ZumoBuzzer
  • Zumo Pushbutton Library


SerialDrive is an Arduino sketch that lets you control the Pololu Zumo robot from your Android phone or tablet. You can alternatively drive it from any serial interface.

How it works

This sketch reads the serial interface (D0 for RX and D1 for TX) and uses it to control the motors of a Zumo robot. It also uses the onboard buzzer to bleep when a command is received and the Pushbutton for an emergency stop. It can therefore use any serial interface including USB, Bluetooth or a wired up serial device.

This project can be connected to the HC-06 Serial Bluetooth slave and, in turn, be connected to any android device. The Max control app for android provides a GUI to operate the Zumo remotely from your phone.


Max Control App:
Serial Drive sketch (Download version 2):