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SID-emulator shield


The idea is to emulate the original SID chip (Sound Interface Device) from the Commodore 64, cos its hard to get, and in addition to have the whole interface and programmability from the arduino. The SID-emulator code was programmed by C. Haberer, see Roboterclub Freiburg for details. The SID-shield has been designed by dusjagr/SGMK, the SIDuino i2c-shield has been designed by gaess.

The systems allows you to create original 8-bit sounds programmed and controlled via the Arduino board.

SIDuino i2c

The latest SIDuino version uses now an i2c connection between arduino and shield. Arduino's hardware serial port can thus be used for MIDI-Input. With te new code, we don't need any Software Serial commands any more and have been able to speed up the whole system considerably. We have a debbugged Version 0.3 of the shield now online. You can find schematics and a running code example on the separate SIDuino i2c page.

The major features are :

  • Control the SIDuino over MIDI
  • Create your own instruments (MIDI programs) by combining the basic waveforms Square, Tri, Saw and Noise
  • AudioJack for plugging your SIDuino into your Studio equipment, Stereo or Headphones
  • 4 LEDs blinking nicely


We will have a workshop in Zurich on 20. April. We will biuld the SIDuino i2c, explain the programming of both arduino MIDI-code and SIDuino emulator code. For infos and registration, go to the SGMK webpage

Demo song video

A short demo song video now shows the SIDuino Board v 0.3 in action. Demo song video on vimeo




The shield contains a SID-emulator, programmed on an ATMEGA168 chip, some electronic components to use it, a small amplifier and mini-jack out.

"The real power of SID lies in the ability to create original sounds rather than simulations of acoustic instruments."

from the original SID datasheet, MOS6581

German Version: Attach:6581_converted_deutsch.pdf

The shield provides cool 8-bit sound abilites to be controlled and programmed using the arduino board. u can build ur own individual musical instrument or use it in a larger context of an audio/visual installation.

more about the SID-emulator code

more about the SID-shield and the Hardware around it

more about the SIDuino code


Some code for the arduino (SIDuino code) has been written by Stahl and dusjagr/SGMK. It works as a simple drum-machine/16 step sequencer, with adjustable pitch using a photoresistor and speed control.

Sound samples





version 1.8 with arduino, SID-shield, an interface and a case with several control options

a sound session can be found on dusjagr's site where we use v1.7 and 1.8 in conjunction.

version 1.0 Minimalistic circuit of the SID Emulator V1.0 programmed and built by C. Haberer, see Roboterclub Freiburg

a first sound sample Attach:atmegaSID2.mp3, see Roboterclub Freiburg for more samples.