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Major Electronic Distributors

in order of perceived usefulness

Smaller Specialty Distributors

in alphabetical order

  • Adafruit Arduino and other projects and components
  • AdvancerTechnologies Arduino compatible muscle and electromyography (EMG) sensors
  • Australian Robotics Australia's Premier Supplier of Robotics and Arduino Gear.
  • BoXaBits supplies specialised sensors, modules and components, EU, North America, Australasia
  • Bitsbox A relatively new UK hobbyist-oriented outlet. Cheap for small quantities. Flat rate first class shipping.
  • bgmicro - pcb , bargains to do
  • CNC LAB - Opensource Hardware Online Shop
  • Conrad France
  • Chip 45 - well done & small ATmega and usb-to-serial boards, fair shipping costs
  • Crownhill - smartelectronics : microcontrolers PICs (cf 16F690) , integrated chips (TCPIP, FAT16 from alafat ..)
  • CuteDigi Arduino, LCD, modems, microcontrolers, powerline communication module, and PCB layout, fab and assembly service
  • BlushingBoy specialized in open source designs and socks
  • DaisyWorks we sell a variety of sensors, controls, components, and raw parts on our store
  • DFRobot Very wide ranger of Arduino shields, sensors and robot kits
  • dipmicro Variety of components, boards, arduino shield kits, and hardware
  • Dontronics -USBtoxx, microLCD, experiments with ATMEGA (protoboards)
  • Earthshine Electronics Supplier of Arduino compatible kits and other parts in the UK
  • Electronics123 cheap motion sensors
  • Electrokit local store in Mamoe, Sweden, distributes in the EU
  • EtherMania Arduino and related add-ons; Ethernet controlled, networking and VoIP stuffs; Local store in Italy. Distributes in EURO Zone.
  • Evil Mad Scientist - USA - Art robots, unique kits, Arduino and related parts, components. Great service, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
  • eWerksOnline Components, boards, Canadian Arduino distributor, good selection of shields. Fast, friendly, helpful.
  • Futurlec (NOT Future Electronics) Sort of a direct import distributer? Good prices, some unique parts, somewhat slower than average shipping, but great international shipping prices!
  • GorillaBuilderz Based in Melbourne Australia. Distributor of official Arduino merchandise as well as own brand quality products and software. Shipping via DHL Express internationally.
  • Gotronic Based in France, nice choice, quick and reliable. They do sell Arduinos
  • HobbyTronics Based in the UK but ship worldwide. Good selection of Arduino boards and shields.
  • InMojo Make. Share. Live. Open Source Hardware. This site is home to many open source hardware products designed by individuals and small businesses. There are some cool ideas on this site.
  • Hvwtech - prototyping
  • iFrogLab - A maker of Arduino compatible hardware, software and much more. Please feel free to visit our web site. It is currently available in English and Chinese. Our products can be purchased from Amazon or from our web site.
  • INEX - Microcontroller kits, Educational boards, Robotic kits, and much more...
  • Infusion Systems, in Montreal, Canada, distributes the I-CubeX product line which includes all kinds of sensors as well as a few actuators that are readily usable with Arduino. Also offers Arduino-like interfaces (with lots of software support) as well as a Shield to easily connect I-CubeX sensors and actuators to Arduino boards.
  • Lawicel distributes most of their stuff in Europe, fast shipping)
  • Limetronic Distributor of Arduino boards from major manufacturers. Several unique products, such as qvga touchscreen, TCP/IP-board, etc.
  • Jameco
  • MPJA - great deals on random electronics
  • Jaycar - modules like mp3, ethernet
  • Lextronic (France) - kits, components
  • Liquidware - shields for the Arduino like the TouchShield Stealth, InputShield, Lithium Backpack, TankShield, TouchShield Slide, TriAngle Extenders, CoreBoard and Black and Colored ExtenderShields
  • Lynxmotion - USA - Good source for Servo brackets (that fit hitec and futaba). They also have a pretty cheap, open source, 32 channel servo controller, that accepts text commands via a serial connection from the Arduino (or other device)
  • Maplin - UK - Has retail shops around the UK if you need something right away. It is expensive, and often only stocks one or two of each component such as diodes or transistors. A pale shadow of its former self...
  • The - Has several microcontroller dev/eval boards, including AVR supplies. Also has many ISPs for programming/debugging various microcontrollers. Has other useful supplies as well, including IDC connectors and ribbons.
  • Microtivity - LEDs, breadboards, switches, LCD module and some semiconductors. Shipped by Amazon.
  • Modern Device - Bare-Bones Arduino, kits, modules, Atmega168s, sensors
  • olimex - including pcb
  • nicegear New Zealand - Arduino and other hobby electronics gear
  • NKC Electronics - Arduino Runtime PCB, Arduino PCB, Arduino-ready ATmega8 and ATmega168, XBee to DIP adapter
  • Nudatech - UK - Authorized Arduino distributor, selling boards, shuelds, kits and components. Posting many projects and resources on their blog.
  • oddWires - USA - Authorized Arduino distributor, great value Arduino starter kits, Arduino, audio, components and cables
  • Parallax
  • - Maryland EE prof with many useful modules, including serial LCD driver chips
  • Pololu - robot kits, Arduino-compatible 3pi robot and Orangutan robot controllers, motor drivers and controllers, servo controllers, sensors, electronics prototyping, cables and wire, motors and gearboxes, servos, wheels, chassis, and more. Also offers custom laser cutting and inexpensive mylar SMT stencil services. Based in the USA; same-day shipping.
  • Proto-PIC - extensive range of electronic components from companies such as Arduino, SparkFun, AdaFruit, Pololu and GHI Electronics, they also have a collection counter at their Kirkcaldy premises as well as fast, usually same day dispatch for internet orders. Also offer student discount for UK based students.
  • Radio-Spare
  • Rapidonline (UK) : Good value components and they sell Arduino too.
  • RS Components - next day delivery, which is free (in the UK) if you signup for a free trade account. Huge number of items in stock, cheap for components in the UK.
  • RobotGear Robotics parts including sensors, gearmotors, microcontrollers (inc Arduino)
  • RobotItaly Robotics and electronics. Servos, sensors, components, hard to find parts. Development boards, including the MuIn system. And of course Arduino and most of related accessories, shields, etc. Same day (fast) shipping!
  • RobotShop Kits, parts, development and more.
  • Rugged Circuits: Arduino electronics, components and accessories, custom electronics design
  • Sayal Based around Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Seeed Studio Depot - Free sourcing services, LEDs, Modules, Cheap Connectors and misc.
  • Sedonia Technologies Leader in Robot Kits and Arduino Electronics supplying happy customers in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • ServoCity - USA - Decent Prices on Servos by Hitec, Futaba, and Robotzone. They also carry other related items.
  • SK Pang - UK based, Arduino boards and Olimex boards.
  • SmartGreenHouse - EU and Canada based. Specializing in home and garden automation products.
  • Sparkfun (USA) very good, lots of things, sometimes not the cheapest however
  • Sparky's Widgets - US based, Arduino electronics, components, kits, shields and custom electronics design.
  • SpikenzieLabs - Canadian Distributer for Arduino, SparkFun, Adafruit, Original Shields, Kits, Tools, Components
  • starelec
  • Steinert Technologies - Arduino Hardware, Interface Boards
  • TDC - Wireless modules for GSM, GPRS, GPS, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, EnOcean
  • - New company, has done a lot for the community on their site.
  • Watterott electronic Arduino and other Microcontroller Boards
  • The Shoppe at Wulfden - Freeduino, PICAXE, Serial LCD controllers and displays, miscellaneous stuff
  • YourDuino Shop - Low-cost Arduino-compatible boards, Sensors, Output Devices, Robotics, Electronics Components, Starter Kits, Educational Kits, Robot Kits

Search Engines


Semiconductor Manufacturers

Xbee and Radio


  • Australian Robotics Australia's Premier Supplier of Robotics and Arduino Gear.
  • BoXaBits supplies specialised sensors, modules and components, EU, North America, Australasia
  • INEX - All kinds of robotic kits for all ages.
  • imagesco - robotics, solar (holography, nitinol, geiger, science kits)
  • Pololu - robot kits, Arduino-compatible 3pi robot and Orangutan robot controllers, motor drivers and controllers, servo controllers, sensors, electronics prototyping, cables and wire, motors and gearboxes, servos, wheels, chassis, and more. Also offers custom laser cutting and inexpensive mylar SMT stencil services. Based in the USA; same-day shipping.
  • Liquidware TankShield - a shield for the Arduino to convert into a robot with 2 tank treads, and built in PWM'd servo motor controls
  • RobotItaly Robotics parts including sensors, gearmotors. Mechanic and Electronic. Rovers, arms, hexapods, etc.
  • RobotShop Everything robotic
  • DFRobot Provide a variety of robotics products.
  • YourDuino Shop - Low-cost ($40) Basic Robot Kits

PCB makers

Reviews of PCB Makers


Local shops


New Zealand





  • Techjango e-Store - Official distributors of Sparkfun electronics, Seeed Studio and Adafruit Industries - offers a variety of electronic components (and popular boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi) for students, hobbyists and professionals, and even provides 3D-Printing, PCB-manufacturing & Laser Cutting services. The store ships internationally, but Pakistani customers can also avail a cash-on-delivery (COD) service (i.e. no credit card required).


  • Ventor Technologies - Online Shop for electronic components and Embedded system tools, sells lots of products which are useful for Arduino. Arduino Board and components available.
  • troniXkart - Is one of the major online retailers in India. They have many kinds of Arduino Boards, various development tools, sensors, etc,. Everything required for your proto needs can be found here.
  • Visha Electronics Sells every electronic component you can imagine from ICs piezos,LEDs, LED Matrices, to breadboards, switches, and anything else that comes to mind!
  • Tenet Technetronics - Provides off the shelf electronic development tools for developers, artists , hobbyists and designers. We sell all arduino related shields and accessories and also a varying list of sensors.
  • Bhasha Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Platform for your ideas !!! sells Arduino Severino, Arduino Lilypad, Freeduino Serial, Freeduino Lite ,Freeduino USB and Sanguino boards. We also have recently launched Arduino Starter Kits
  • 9Circuits: A New Delhi based company, which sells electronic components, Arduino boards and also provides services. These guys are smart guys who are running a startup, I would prefer them over big companies.
  • RhydoLabz: Another good Indian online store/shop with quicker delivery.
  • Simple Labs: is a Simple Online Store that caters to the needs of the Hobbyists with a special focus on Official Arduino products, Indian Made Arduino Compatible Clone Boards & Other accessories to get you started with Arduino. In Addition, Simple Labs offers a number of training programs designed around the Arduino.(If you are looking for a down to earth service, this is the place for you)
  • Nex Robotics: Offers all sort of electronic component even chips used in Arduino boards. Not sure, it offers Arduino boards (original or compatible ones).
  • Element14 (Formerly Farnell): This is another online (Indian) store/shop has everything you would need. Unfortunately, this store is for companies/organizations.
  • KitsnSpares: A nice but expensive store for individuals. This store is powered by Element14 and EFYIndia. You might want to check it, when you don't get stuff in local market and other online shops mentioned(@9circuits, etc.) above.
  • RS Components: A UK based company, which has offices in India. They ship components from UK/SG to India, and don't charge sales-tax (in case of organizations?). It's expensive, but is an option for times you can imagine.
  • iknowvations: 1,2,4 & 8 channel Relay cards for Arduino boards. Also for USB, RS232 and RS485 based relay & DAQ cards, IR remote control boards.



  • Innovative Experiment (INEX) - Thailand (th)
  • Innovative Experiment (INEX) - Global (en) sells the POP-168 Module, that is fully compatible to the arduino Project (Shop in Bangkok, Bangna)
  • NPE (th) best stocked electronic components dealer in Bangkok. One branch is located in Rangsit, Zeer IT Mall, ground floor, at the very end, Another branch is located in Baan Moh area, west end, near the klong.
  • LogicThai (th) sells the Freeduino via Mailorder in Thailand
  • Futurlec (en) Bangkok based Mailorder with a great variety of electronic components and an easy to use online catalogue with all products. Does not sell Arduinos, but has a wide and interesting selection of microcontroller board projects, some probably compatible with the Arduino.
  • Electronic Source (en/th) Similar to Futurelec with a great variety and excellent online catalogue.
  • Amorn Amorn is an electronic components chain found in many shopping malls. Their website got some difficulties when i wrote this and some while ago when i checked. so not an outlet that focusses a lot on selling online. One Branch can be found in the upper floor of old siam. It is an okay stocked place with a focus on LED and Solarpanels plus some components.
  • Baan Moh Area Onlineshopping in Thailand is not as popular as elsewhere. So it is sometimes more usefull to know an area where to find the stuff that you need. For electronic tools, components and sources an area called "Baan Moh" is the best place in Bangkok. It starts opposite street west of the Old Siam Shopping Mall and stretches of 2 or 3 blocks. If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere in Thailand. Some of the mailorder shops mentioned have branches in this area.

Canada- BC

Canada- ON

Canada- QC



  • Hackerspaces de Paris-Île-de-France
  • Selectronic 11 place de la Nation 75011 Paris (métro-RER Nation) Tél. 01 55 25 88 00.
  • RAM 131 bd Diderot 75011 Paris (métro-RER Nation) 01 43 07 62 45, place nation. Matériel audio, câbles, jacks, pas mal de récup'.
  • Saint-Quentin Radio 6 rue de Saint-Quentin 75010 Paris (métro-RER Gare du Nord) Tél. 01 40 37 70 74. Beaux câbles, bon matériel électro
  • Les Cyclades 11 boulevard Diderot 75012 Paris (Métro-RER Gare de Lyon) Tél. 01 46 28 91 54. Guirlande lumineuse 220v à découper, LEDs Varatech...
  • IBC Integrated Business Computer 66 rue de Montreuil 75011 Paris Tél. 01 43 72 30 64. Beaucoup de récup', très bon conseils
  • AFG Electronique (ex Compo Pyrénées) 312 rue des Pyrénées 75020 Paris
  • Empire Sono 82 boulevard de Rochechouart 75018 Paris (métro Anvers) Tél. 01 42 51 67 19
  • Electronic Diffusion 43 rue Victor Hugo 92240 Malakoff Tél. 01 46 57 68 33
  • Lextronic 36/40 rue du Général de Gaulle 94510 La-Queue-en-Brie. Tél. 01 45 76 83 88
  • DZ Electronic 23 rue de Paris 94220 Charenton (métro Charenton Écoles)
  • Boutiques asiatiques du quartier Montgallet Métro Montgallet, RER Gare de Lyon
  • Boutiques asiatiques du quartier Arts et Métiers. Câbles audio, leds...
  • Perlor Radio Electronique, 25 rue Hérold 75001 Paris. Fermé depuis mai 2010 / Closed since 2010 May
  • Intercomposants, 127 Rue De Paris 91300 Massy. Fermé/Closed ?

Specialized on Paris

  • 1001Piles Mille et une piles. Portables, batteries, piles rares. Nombreux magasins, dont Nation.
  • Girard et Sudron 47 rue des Tournelles 75003 Paris (métro Chemin Vert) Tél. 01 44 59 22 20. Tout sur les ampoules spécialisées (tech ou déco).

"Gros" (means be a corporation to buy from them)

  • Orbitec 28 rue Fernand Pelloutier 92000 Clichy Tél. Leds, BIG leds, matrice de leds, inter, microrupteurs de joysticks...
  • Diltronic 145 rue du Président Roosevelt 78100 Saint Germain-en-Laye Tél. 01 34 51 33 00. Importateur FTDI, accéléromètres...
  • Matthieu Benoît gros catalogue détaillé par fournitures (info industriel) pour les commandes en gros...
  • "Hervé" à Villemomble (?) Gradateurs lumière, DMX...





Republic of Ireland

  • Radionics - extensive range, they have a walk-in counter in Rialto, Dublin 8.
  • Farnell - huge range, free UPS next day shipping
  • Mouser - free FedEx shipping on orders over 75 euro;
  • Digi-Key - free shipping on orders over 65 euro;
  • Conrad
  • Maplin - smaller range of components and usually more expensive than the above, but handy in a pinch. 6 stores in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Dundalk.
  • Peats - range and prices similar to Maplin. 4 stores in Dublin and one in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

United Kingdom

  • BoXaBits supplies specialised sensors, modules and components, worldwide shipping -
  • Proto-PIC - extensive range of electronic components from companies such as Arduino, SparkFun, AdaFruit, Pololu and GHI Electronics, they also have a collection counter at their Kirkcaldy premieses as well as fast, usually same day dispatch for internet orders. Also offer student discount for UK based students.


  • Conrad has lots of components, modules, development kits, appliances and more for hobbyists and professionals. Online store, ships within the EU.
  • Electrokit supplies everything from the smallest component to expensive oscilloscopes. Online store, ships from Malmö within the EU.
  • Kjell & Company supplies accessories for home electronics and mobile devices and has a fair selection of components, sensors and modules. Local stores in several cities and an online store.
  • Svebry Electronics AB is a local shop in Skövde which offers components, repair services, etc, and an online store.
  • LAWICEL supplies lots of components and accessories in their online store.

North America is yet another wiki that list lots of local electronic stores in North America.


Silicon Valley

  • Fry's Electronics (many locations) Love 'em or hate 'em.. they have quite a bit of Arduino, and 'duino-compatible parts and other supplies.
  • Radio Shack (many locations) Believe it or not... "Yeah, We got that!". A number of sensors and modules, kits and boards. Great starting point. Keep 'em in business. Get some parts and 'duino there so they will keep stocking this stuff!
  • Al Lasher's Electronics (Berkeley, University Ave) Old-time Electronics component store. Actively growing their Arduino collection: Many 'duino parts (Sparkfun), interface items. AL Lashers has tons of Electric Components: Through-hole, SMT. Prototyping and PCB-making, project boxes, connectors... huge assortment of connectors, test equipment... amazing inventory. Reasonable prices. Family run.
  • Halted (also known as HSC) has so much stuff it'll make your head spin. As of Sept 2013 no Arduino-specific items.
  • Weird stuff WeirdStuff is a reseller of new, used, and excess goods. As of Sept 2013 no Arduino-specific items.
  • San Mateo Electronics San Mateo Electronics is a basic old-school electronics shop. They don't have everything and their prices are not rock bottom, but sometimes you need it now. As of Sept 2013 only 1 Arduino "kit", no specific parts.





  • Cables and Connectors, Inc This is a handy shop to know in the Hartford area. It feels like an old-style Radio Shack from the 1970s.



  • Tanner Electronics A nice friendly local electronic parts store. They stock a lot of the Atmel's and Pics + lots of micoprocessor kits. Good parts and basic electronic components are pretty cheap.


  • Electronic Parts Outlet A Houston electronics store open since 1985. They supply new parts and have a large supply of used and old new stock. They also recently invested heavily in new ATMega Components. A great owner and prices are reasonable. They also have oscilloscope repair services.



  • You-Do-It Electronics Great local shop for when you need a component right now. The store is quite large and has a lot of variety.

South America


  • Victronics A nice friendly local electronic parts store in Santiago. They stock a big lot of components, give support an the best price.

Middle East & Africa

South Africa

  • Mantech Cheap parts, good stock, recommended. Selby, Johannesburg. Very expensive boards and shields.
  • RS Components good stock but expensive. Midrand, Johannesburg
  • Electronics 123 Expensive, small range, low stock, Pretoria
  • Fort777 Cape Town
  • Spectron Good prices resonable stock , no online catalogue. Wynberg, Johannesburg
  • Netram quite similar to sparkfun, very large variety of arduino related boards. Reasonably priced stuff.
  • Rabtron cheap, many electronic components.