Prototyping Board

All the standard components have been packed together as tightly as possible on this board, leaving room for a prototyping area of solder points (like perf board). Good if you only need a couple extra parts for a prototype. The trade-off is that this board doesn't have a serial or USB port. You need to program it with an external programmer.

Eagle files (schematic and board layout), single-side variant of this board (only 4 jumper wires, no connector moved, uses Eagle SCH file from original)

Parts List

Digikey parts from Tom Igoe

S11 Reset pusbutton535916  SW400-ND
IC2178xxL7805 TO220701853  LM7805CT-ND
LED11 Green LED656719  160-1144-ND
X21 2.1mm power jack224959  CP-102AH-ND
Q11 16 MHz Quartz641029  300-6034-ND
D111N40041N4004 or equivalent251707  1N4004GICT-ND
R5110k1/4 W resistor509280  10KQBK-ND
C2, C3222pPolyester Capacitor896410  1330PH-ND
C1, C52100nPolyester Capacitor146079  P4201-ND
C6, C72100uElectrolitic Capacitor920629  P10269-ND
R212201/4 W resistor509097  220QBK-ND
X31 28pin IC socket   ED3128-ND
IC11ATMEGA8Atmega8 28pin DIP microcontroller3917927  ATMEGA8-16PI-ND
ICSP1ICSP2x3 pins header3291947  A26509-20-ND

Note: some part numbers (e.g. C4) are unused because this schematic was made by deleting pieces of the Arduino serial schematic.