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Ncr4X20Vfd UsbSerialAdapter Example

Ncr4X20Vfd allows you to control the NCR 7454 / Futaba M204SD01B VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) module.

This example sketch turns the Arduino into an adapter, making the VFD directly controllable from the PC via USB-serial. All serial data sent to the Arduino is passed on directly to the VFD. In addition to sending text, the PC can access special display functions by sending the character control codes defined at the top of Ncr4X20Vfd.h.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino board with USB cable.
  • NCR 7454 / Futaba M204SD01B VFD
  • Single pin M-F header wires or similar
  • 5v 1A regulated power supply


Follow the wiring information on the main Ncr4X20Vfd library page.


Load and run the sketch located at Ncr4X20Vfd/examples/UsbSerialAdapter. Open the Arduino serial monitor and ensure it is set to 9600 baud. Enter text into the text box and hit send. Characters sent should appear on the VFD.

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