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Ncr4X20Vfd UnitTests Example

Ncr4X20Vfd allows you to control the NCR 7454 / Futaba M204SD01B VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) module.

This example contains a number of tests intended to validate all Ncr4X20Vfd functionality. The test is driven via the Arduino serial monitor.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino board with USB cable.
  • NCR 7454 / Futaba M204SD01B VFD
  • Single pin M-F header wires or similar
  • 5v 1A regulated power supply


Follow the wiring information on the main Ncr4X20Vfd library page.


Load and run the sketch located at Ncr4X20Vfd/examples/UnitTests. Open the Arduino serial monitor and ensure it is set to 9600 baud. Follow the on-screen prompts displayed in the serial monitor window.

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