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MicroVGA-TEXT Arduino library

"MicroVGA is low-cost Microcontroller to VGA interface providing 80x25 16 color text mode (physical resolution is 800x600 at 60 Hz). This makes MicroVGA an ideal solution for user interface in embedded applications."

MicroVGA examples

MicroVGA examples

The MicroVGA Arduino library contains two examples:

  • Menu demo - displays several menus, basic user interface system
  • Tetris - allows you to run Tetris game (occupies only about 3k of ATmega code!)

You need MicroVGA firmware version 0.5 or higher to be able to use the Arduino MicroVGA library.

The library maintains source code compatibility with MicroVGA conio library and "standard" conio.h header file

Hardware connection

  • 1 GND Arduino GND
  • 2 +5V Arduino 5V
  • 3 +3V3 output NOT CONNECTED
  • 4 CS# Arduino Digital 8
  • 5 SCK Arduino Digital 13
  • 6 RDY# Arduino Digital 9
  • 7 MISO Arduino Digital 12
  • 8 MOSI Arduino Digital 11

MicroVGA-TEXT Module

MicroVGA-text module, pins counted from left to right

More information can be found on MicroVGA arduino page.