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This library is for driving VFDs (vacuum fluorescent displays) based on the Mitsubishi/Renesas M66004 VFD controller IC. This includes the display/control panel used in many HP LaserJet printers such as the LaserJet 4 series. Usage of the library is quite similar to the standard LiquidCrystal library.

Also included is a class and sample for using the buttons on LEDs on the LaserJet board.

YouTube video of the board in action.

Library Download

The library and examples are available here:

See Arduino Libraries for information on how to install libraries. For the purposes of that page, this library is a "user-created library".


  • HpLaserJetControlDemo - Demos use of the VFD, buttons and LED on a board from an HP LaserJet 4 series printer. Page includes wiring information.