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This library is for driving IEE Flip "No Frills" displays. The library is similar in use as the standard LiquidCrystal library.

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Library Download

The library and examples are available here:

See Arduino Libraries for information on how to install libraries. For the purposes of that page, this library is a "user-created library".


Caution: While the display modules operates on low voltages, higher voltages are generated on board. As with all VFDs, the display board should not be operated outside of an appropriate enclosure.

The Arduino pin assignments for the example sketches are described at the top of the sketch. Match those assignments with the display pinout in the display datasheet. See the 03601-95B-40 datasheet for example.

For Iee Flip modules other than the "No Frills" models, see the IeeFlip library.

Library Reference

These methods differ from the implementations in LiquidCrystal:

  • IeeFlip()
  • cursor() - Identical to blink()
  • noCursor() - Identical to noBlink()

These methods are consistent with LiquidCrystal:

These LiquidCrystal methods are not implemented:

  • display()
  • noDisplay()
  • scrollDisplayLeft()
  • scrollDisplayRight()
  • autoscroll()
  • noAutoscroll()
  • leftToRight()
  • rightToLeft()
  • command()


These example sketches are provided with the library. See the comments in each sketch for more details.

  • Hello World
  • Custom Character
  • Custom Character Unit Test