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HpLaserJetControlDemo Example

M66004Vfd allows control of VFDs (vacuum fluorescent displays) based on the Mitsubishi/Renesas M66004 VFD controller IC. It also includes a class for using the buttons and LEDs on the LaserJet board.

This example sketch:

  • Sets all pixels and flashes the LEDs for approximately 1 second
  • Prints "Hello, world!" to the display and flashes a heart beat
  • Sets LEDs on/off based on button presses

Hardware Required

  • Arduino board
  • HP LaserJet control panel board
  • Single pin M-F header wires or similar


Caution: The board operates from 5v however generates higher voltages (40v) and should not be operated outside of a suitable enclosure.

There are a multiple variations of this board with at least two different connector pinouts. You should confirm how the connector pins connect to the integrated circuits on the board before applying power.

Arduino Pin10 pin dual row connector9 pin single row connector*M66004 IC PinHC165 IC PinHC595 IC Pin
GND1, 2, 31, 2   
+5V4, 58, 9   
77716.SDATA 14.SER
994 1./LD12.RCLK
10103 9./Qh 

 * Based on information from this article and verified by gigawatts.


Load and run the sketch located at M66004/examples/HpLaserJetControlDemo. For more details see the demo being run in this YouTube video.

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