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The VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) module from the discontinued HP z500 Series Digital Entertainment Center media PCs are a conveniently sized, bright display capable of displaying 2 rows of 16 character wide text and a number of A/V system icons. This library is modeled after the standard LiquidCrystal library. In addition to this library page, additional information on the hardware is available here.

Library Download

The library and examples are available here:

See Arduino Libraries for information on how to install libraries. For the purposes of that page, this library is a "user-created library".


See the comment at the top of any of the examples for wiring information.

For more information, see the additional data page.

Included Examples

  • HelloWorld
  • Icons
  • Brightness
  • UnitTests


  • Additional information about the hardware
  • Forum post on deciphering this display. Includes information on sourcing the displays