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This is a library for the Futaba US162SD03CB VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) module. The API is simialr to the standard LiquidCrystal library.

The US162SD03CB module is a small 16 x 2 character module, only slightly larger than the commonly used, inexpensive LCD modules.

Note from the author: This module isn't as awesome as many other VFDs. It has visible flicker which is even worse when sending data to the display. Also, the clocked serial interface may not be reliable: if it gets out of sync garbage will display until reset. The surplus example I found had been heavily used (medical equipment) and showed considerable burn-in. Given all of this, I got lazy on the documentation. However the library is simple and the samples included in the library and the module datasheet linked to below have all needed information.

Library Download

The library and examples are available here:

See Arduino Libraries for information on how to install libraries. For the purposes of that page, this library is a "user-created library".

Examples Provided

  • HelloWorld
  • CustomCharacter
  • UsbSerialLcdSmartieAdapter