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1000Pads Luigino

The 1000Pads Luigino is a basic board, available in kit or assembled or bare board. Small, simple, reliable, easy, practical. It has the same form factor of 1000Pads System. The 1000Pads system is a series of economic board that can be stacked.

Luigino is not a simple Arduino clone, each Luigino project has a special feature, something missing in the Arduino or something to add, or maybe something less of the Arduino, but at a ridicolous price; it is our interpretation of the Arduino project.

Let's say you have made your last Arduino based project, you have to put everything in a box with pots, switch, LED's and so on ... Why put a precious Arduino board inside a box? Just transfer the program in a 1000Pads Luigino! It's cheaper! Same features!

The 1000Pads Luigino is available in 3 versions:

  • Bare Board - use this pcb for custom project where few components are required, the cheapest solution.
  • Kit - the Kit version includes the Bare Board and three bags of components, the User have to assemble the board using a soldering iron. Even in this case, you can assemble only the components required by your application, or all the components for a fully functional Arduino compatible board.
  • Assembled - this is the Kit version, already assembled and tested.

The ATMega328 MCU is not included in the basic versions
You'll need a serial adapter in order to perform programming

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