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Packets for RPM-Based Linux distros.

Blogdrake group has RPM packets based on official Arduino binaries

For using it you only needs to download and install it.

32 bits:

64 bits:

The packet includes some modifications from the official distribution that avoids the need to change permissions or groups. Just install and use.

Explanation of the changes: The packet includes all the official binaries for maximum compatibility except for:

  • Replaced the RXTX library with the following changes from official binaries:
  • Disabled port locking avoiding the need of adding the user to lock group
  • Added /dev/ttyACM and /dev/arduino devices

Added a new udev rule that:

  • Sets the default permissions of the arduino device to 666 for avoiding the need of adding the user to dialout group.
  • Added a link to the device named arduino for auto creating the /dev/arduino device

Source packet: