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Arduino Tutorials

Lots of other tutorials are available on the main tutorial page. The pages linked below are a combination of tutorials, forum posts and blogs that explain one or more aspects of the Arduino and how to make various things work with it.

Arduino Shields

  • 6-pack, an open-source shield for the Arduino that allows you to connect six sliders to the analog input pins.
  • Bjoern Hartman has published the Eagle PCB files for a shield that lets you easily use Phidget sensors with the Arduino
  • Eagle files for an L293-based Arduino motor driver shield.
  • SID-emulator was developed by c. haberer and SGMK to use the arduino to control a SID-emulator chip and create old-school 8-bit sounds and lo-fi musical instruments.

Arduino to Other Computers

  • Read a button and send the data to a PC (Link not active anymore 06-01-2012)
  • Arduino to Flash, and some serial commmunications code by Beltran Berrocal.
  • Arduino > Flash code from Stephen Wilson at SFSU

Arduino Bluetooth // Arduino BT

Arduino Mini

Audio Devices

  • Control an iPod with the Arduino, by Jonas Olson & Robert White.
  • Connect Arduino to the YAMPP III Industrial MP3 player, diagrams by Jens Wunderling.
  • Some code for controlling an Ipod remote through Processing, by Rosie Daniel...



Cell Phones and Arduino

Controlling Cameras

  • Remote control a Canon EOS to take time lapse photos. The same wiring and interface should work on other cameras.
  • Wiring diagrams and code to create an intervalometer or motion based camera with the Canon XSi (will probably work on other Canon models) available here.


DC Power for the Arduino

DC Motor Control

DMX lighting control


  • a tutorial on using an optical or mechanical position encoder with Arduino.

FTDI FT232RL chip


  • Arduino code for parsing data from the EM-406 GPS module, by bigengineer.
  • How to connect a Paralla* GPS module to the Arduino, and read its $GPRMC string. Tutorial translated from Igor Gonz�lez Mart�n's original Spanish tutorial. This allows you to get date, heading, latitude and longitude from the GPS module.



Getting started: Read Heather's original tutorial. It comes with a LCD library which works great (in 8-bit mode).

Using 4-bit mode with Hitachi LCD controllers. There are now various code examples for how to talk to an HD44780-compatible LCD in 4-bit mode (in order to save arduino pins):

Documentation on the HD44780 Hitachi LCD controller





PCB Fabrication



PWM Expansion


  • Schematic for driving DC relays using a transistor connected to an Arduino pin.


Sensing 12V or higher inputs


Servo Motors

Slot detectors



Toys, Circuit Bending & Hacked Interfaces




  • Wireless communication with PC and Arduino board using bluetooth, by Mitchell Page.
  • Connect Arduino to the EasyRadio transceiver module, diagrams by Jens Wunderling.
  • pfod - Tutorials on how to control your Arduino device from an Android mobile via Bluetooth. No Android programming required. Also covers making bluetooth serial connections to Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac and Linux
  • nRF24L01+ - Getting started with nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF radios on Arduino, including wiring them up and communicating.

XBee radio modules