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Enhanced LiquidCrystal

The Enhanced LiquidCrystal library is a modified version of the new LiquidCrystal (included in Arduino 17 and higher).

The Modification added support for LCD with two HD44780 chips on one LCD (larger LCD need two). You can tell if the LCD has two chips by checking the Pins of it, if there are Enable1 and Enable2 -> 2 Chips.

LiquidCrystal440 is succefully tested with:
- 4x40
- 4x27

for all sizes of LCDs it fixes several other issues: Linewrap When you declare the dimensions of the LCD in your begin call, the LiquidCrystal library remembers how long the lines are. Now when it reaches the end of line 1, text wraps onto line 2 (not line 3 as previously).

println Although print has worked properly in the past, println has not. Now the ‘\r’ and ‘\n’ characters are not sent to the screen as though they were visible characters and the ‘\r’ resets the character position to the top of the next line.

16x4 LCDs The begin statement also correctly positions text at the beginning of the line on 16x4 (and other) LCDs, which were not correctly handled before.

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