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L3DGEWorld is a tool designed to enable monitoring of networks and networked computer systems, using a 3D environment. Arduino-l3dgecomm expands on this by allowing integration of an Arduino device in to a L3DGEWorld system, as an input or output daemon. As an input daemon, the Arduino can send data to L3DGEWorld to set the state of an entity. As an output daemon, the Arduino can receive action events from L3DGEWorld, and act on them accordingly.

A view of an example L3DGEWorld environment

For a tutorial on how to set up arduino-l3dgecomm, see the arduino-l3dgecomm tutorial page

For example usage and a demonstration, see the arduino-l3dgecomm introduction page

For an overview of the L3DGEWorld system, and other L3DGE projects, see the L3DGEWorld project homepage

L3DGEWorld and arduino-l3dgecomm were developed by the Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures at Swinburne University , Australia, and both are available as free, open source software.