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GorillaBuilderz LeoShield

A Shield adaptor for the Arduino Leonardo


This page provides information about the brilliant LeoShield from GorillaBuilderz

The GorillaBuilderz LeoShield has been designed to keep older shields working with the new Arduino Leonardo style IO pin mapping. Older shields designed for the Arduino UNO, Duemilanove or other boards with similar IO pin layout may fail with the new Arduino Leonardo.

To get these shields working on the Arduino Leonardo could take some really messy hacking at a hardware level….. Or you could just plug in the GorillaBuilderz LeoShield and away you go.

One of the great things about the Arduino platform is the huge selection of shields out there that allow you to get your design up and running in the minimal amount of time.

If you have an Arduino Leonardo however, the selection of compatible shields is limited due to some remapping of certain pin functions making a lot of shields unusable ‘off the shelf’. Of course you could ‘hack’ the shield but this, in most cases, can produce a messy setup.

The GorillaBuilderz LeoShield keeps this huge selection of shields operational with the new Arduino Leonardo platform. Generally this is achieved without any code modifications or new libraries. Just plug the GorillaBuilderz LeoShield in between the Arduino Leonardo and your old shield and run your existing program, it’s that simple.

You will need the LeoShield if the shield you are considering uses any of the following pins which are from the older style IO pin mapping.