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GorillaBuilderz LCD Shield


This page provides information about the brilliant LCD Shield from GorillaBuilderz that directly supports 2.4", 2.8" and 3.2" TFT LCD Touchscreen from 4DSystems!

The shield provides the means to communicate with the LCD modules via Serial, SPI or I2C (Wire) interfaces along with GorillaBuilderz original open source libraries.

Technical Details at a Glance

  • On board logic level shifters provide true 3.3V compatibility for SD Card and other on board peripherals
  • Built in SPI/I2C-UART Bridge frees’ up the dedicated Arduino UART for other Shields/Devices
  • Flexible GB-Links’ allow easy alternate CS and I/O configuration.
  • Unique GB-iMac identification for ‘internet ready’ connectivity.
  • microSD Card Slot
  • Wiz810MJ module†
  • Arduino Pro Mini†
  • External power jack† for standalone operation with On board 3V3 and 5V Voltage regulators.
  • Included libraries and Arduino example code developed especially for out of the box driving of 4D Systems LCD’s using our shield.
  • Supported by GorillaBuilderz own open source libraries

† These are not officially supported or tested for this revision.

GorillaBuilderz Images: