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Lottie Lemon

Arduino Robot System

Lottie Lemon


Key features

  • General-purpose educational Robot
  • Fully customizable
  • Low Cost

Hardware architecture

  • Dual processor
  • Works as a single robot, or as two separate systems (control and movement)
  • TinkerKit compatible
  • 500 gr payload
  • Supports multiple kinds of sensors (light, temperature, touch, distance, IR ...)

Programming Models

  • Arduino compatible
  • Library of functions of high, medium and low level for control board
  • Firmware for the motion board with a large set of commands


Since 2003, the Complubot robotics group has carried out activities related to educational robotics with students aged 6 to 18 years.

Throughout this time, participants in these activities have experienced, proven wrong and learned much of what they were doing or trying to achieve.

Year after year the knowledge and experience was accumulating to get a way to design, develop and build robots.

Lottie Lemon is the expression of this effort, a whole set of experiences that will take you directly to the world of educational robotics.

A learning robot

Lottie Lemon is not intended to be the best solution to a specific problem, our goal has been to provide a simple, stable and very inexpensive platform to experiment.