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SLCD - Serial LCD library

Here's a small library for accessing the SparkFun SerLCD based LCD screens. The library is really just an implementation of the SerLCD spec, with a couple of nifty little effects thrown in.


GitHub: SLCD re-up

  • Download the SLCD library here.
  • unzip to: (arduino home folder)/libraries
  • Rename folder to SLCD
  • restart the Arduino app.


None really at this time. Please look at the demo code for examples of how to use the functions.

You'll probably be most interested in:

print(row, col, string)

which will print a string at a specific row and column. This has been tested on a 2 row device, but not on a 4 row device. Theoretically it should work...


I've included a demo sketch that includes a call to all of the major functions. You can access this sketch through the open->Examples->Library-SLCD->slcd_demo


It uses the hardware serial library, but my C++ skills aren't up to snuff to implement a SoftwareSerial object in the code. Feel free to update it as you see fit.