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Library for the LM75 Temperature Sensor

The LM75 Temperature Sensor uses the I2C™ Communication Protocol which enables it to work with the Arduino Wire library.

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Written by: John Fitter
Date: Initial release 19jul2017

This is a very simple implementation having one class defined for just one specific sensor. The original reason for defining this class was to enable the measurement of the temperature of the batteries and motor controllers used in remotely piloted aircraft, for the purpose of real time data logging and air to ground telemetry.

This is an early step in the development of a base class and class hierarchy for sensors specific to remotely piloted aircraft, and in particular electric powered aircraft. Under development is a Multiplex Sensor Bus base class in addition to a MSB virtual sensor class. These will be published when they are tested.

This sensor uses the I2C bus protocol to communicate allowing the Arduino standard Wire library to communicate with the device. 2 pins are required to interface the device to an Arduino - the SDA and SCL lines.

An easy way to play with these devices is to get some off eBay. Just search for LM75 and purchase the SMT chips. You can also get small prototype PCBs that take just one 8-pin SMT device. Solder a chip and some wires to one of these boards then seal it in clear heatshrink to make a robust remote temperature sensor that can be placed against the main power battery or ECU.

Initial release July 2017: A repository for the most recent version was created at GitHub which can be found here: LM75 Library
To install the library download the RAR Archive from GitHub and extract it to the libraries Folder

Feel free to contribute your code or improvements to this library.