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Arduino AT24C1024 I2C EEPROM Library

This is a library to support the AT24C1024 EEPROM. Up to 4 of these devices may be chained together to provide 128-512 kilobytes of EEPROM storage.

The usage is based on the Arduino EEPROM library and two I2C EEPROM libraries. If you're familiar with how that works, using this library should be pretty straightforward. Basically just substitute EEPROM1024 where you were using EEPROM.

For example, this: EEPROM.write(address, value);

becomes: EEPROM1024.write(address, value);


This library is based on several projects:



  • Install like any other Arduino library
  • If the Arduino IDE is already running then exit and restart the Arduino IDE


AT24C1024 EEPROM example