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Arduino Extended Database Library

This Arduino Extended Database Library increases the maximum number of records allowed in a database from 256 records (byte) to a theoretical maximum of 4,294,967,295 records (unsigned long). The maximum record size was also increased from 256 bytes (byte) to 65,534 bytes (unsigned int).

You may use this library in conjunction with the standard Arduino EEPROM library, an external EEPROM such as the AT24C1024 EEPROM, or any other platform that supports byte level reading and writing such as an SD card.


This is a re-implementation of the database library originally written by Madhusudana das.



  • Unzip the download into your Arduino libraries directory
  • If the Arduino IDE is already running then exit and restart the Arduino IDE

Getting Started

  • Include EDB.h in your Arduino sketch
  • Define the data structure for your records
  • Include an I/O interface such as EEPROM.h
  • Declare an instance of EDB in your Arduino sketch
  • Pick an EEPROM address at which the table should start

Supported Storage