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The first Z80 Emulation library for Arduino


The Z80 microprocessor is an 8 bit CPU with a 16 bit address bus. It has a language of 252 root instructions and an additional 308 instructions. The Z80 was modeled after the 8080 and contains the 78 opcodes of 8080 opcodes as a subset to it's language.

I searched the internet and no working project or library where found for Z80 to emulate it on arduino, so I decided to write my own library and emulator system and revive the Z80 through Arduino, it was a great processor for hobbyists and students and very good to study computer architeture on it.


  • Interpretation-Based.
  • Written and optimized for Arduino.
  • Tested on Arduino Nano, Uno, Mega.
  • ALU, Buses, Registers, Control Unit emulated.
  • Emulates 260 Instructions (177 Basic Instructions, 83 Extended Instructions).
  • Implementation of IN and OUT instruction left for developer to customize his system.
  • built with customization and extensibility in mind, adding new instructions easily.

Documentation and Download

Library :

Project based on library :