Project Ideas

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List your project ideas. This can be helpful for both the novice and the experienced.



  • ArduPhotographer: Why do not let Arduino to automatically trigger your SLR based on motion detection or just remotely via web interface?
  • Smartphone controlled Dice Roller Why not just press a button on your smartphone! Get an Annikken Andee, some servo, connect some wires and finally code in Arduino for a simple graphic user interface and have fun guessing the next number on the dice!
  • Arduino Tutorials - These tutorials will bring you up to speed in the arduino syntax/API, and you will almost certainly get some project ideas. If you do, remember to add them here.
  • Home Automation Server with Arduino + Ethernet shield
  • Create a simple data logger, recording humidity and temperature over time. Check if your documents are safe in your root cellar.
  • Learn how to create Dragonkeepers' Screensaver.
  • Smart phone Garage Door Opener.
  • Learn how to build a Talking Clock.
  • Make an automatic night light which switches on when its dark
  • LED Stoplights
  • Display LCD
  • Arduino Controlled Air Conditioner.
  • Intrusion alarm.
  • Thermostat.
  • Line Follower Robot.
  • Make a capacitive switch using capsense library which controls lights or some other devices.
  • RBS lights and switches: My rolling ball sculpture has switches on the track and my Arduino triggers lighting events from them.
  • Intelligent bug zapper: show how many bugs were zapped and average/cumulative zap time.
  • Photovore: a robot that goes to the brightest source of light.
  • Automatic exhaust fan in the toilet that turns on and off with a methane sensor and relay
  • Poo and Pee detector, with a Diaper Shield, for use on newborn newbies.
  • Red Desk Lamp dimmer
  • 12V DC, Red LED strip light, for Astronomy enthusiasts. Aim is so that light does not adversely affect you night vision (It is an astronomy thing)
  • A binary clock
  • Food Detector: By measuring resistance. Pixelate
  • Control a lamp with Arduino Ethernet and Nabto software. Nabto demo
  • Build a stripped down Arduino
  • Simple kaleidoscope, based on a strip of addressable RGB leds.
  • Create color changing xmas decoration which always shows beautiful color combinations. See
  • Tweet the temperature via the wifi shield.
  • An electronic thermostat for a fridge/freezer combination FridgeController.
  • An MPU-6050 IMU controlled Big Trak / Bee bot clone program it to fetch apples from the kitchen if you dare!



  • - Arduino Retro Handheld Gaming Device: Includes all How-To steps
  • Arduino Retro Computer TV- How to build a computer using 2 Arduinos, an SD card reader, a TV, and a PS2keyboard. This computer can execute BASIC programs. This is like a C64 or Sinclair.
  • Arduino Home Automation System
  • Arduino Retro Computer LCD- How to build a computer using an Arduino, an SD card reader, an LCD screen and a PS2keyboard. This computer can execute BASIC programs. This is like a TSR-80 and is portable.

  • Modify open source projects done with other micro-controllers like PIC, AVR, Basic stamp, PICAXE etc. to work with Arduino
  • Make an IVRS phone system using a DTMF decoder, WAV or MP3 shield and a phone or a GSM shield
  • Arduino theremin using ultrasonic sensor or capacitive plates
  • Monome
  • Synthesizer
  • Arduino Radio - a Software-Defined-Radio receiver on the Arduino Due
  • Motion Tracking Turret
  • Arduino SmartPhone Demo-SMARTGPU2
  • Arduino Project Autopilot and Navigation waypoint*Autopilot and navigation waypoint
  • Learning Maze Solver Robot
  • Iphone controlled logging robot
  • Energy efficiency/reporting: put current sensors on each circuit breaker in the AC panel and report usage/stats.
  • Whole house climate control: Control HVAC and ceiling fans, watch for diffs between upstairs/downstairs, ceiling/floor and outside temps.
  • whole house (mega) light and heat control or living room status with possibility to turn on the heat over the web(uno/older)
  • UPS/power control system: Add power control and usage reporting to a normal UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Voice recognition library - ┬ÁSpeech library with docs
  • Use Arduino to collect and process position/weather/telemetry data and then output data strings serially into an amateur radio transmitter using APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System).
  • Ham radio repeater controller with DTMF control.
  • Arduino communication: Create robots with IR blasters and receivers that can "talk" to each other and tell one's "voice" from another's
  • sudo make me a sandwich: A robot that makes a simple sandwich when "sudo make me a sandwich" is received over serial
  • Bluetooth remote controlled Arduino with WLAN web cam so you can create an awesome remote controlled car
  • Using an Android phones Gyro to Control an RC Car over Bluetooth
  • Video Library: A library for making images / pixels appear on a TV screen.
  • Graphical calculator that graphs serial inputs on a graphical LCD.
  • Hands-free mobile display to message other drivers, i.e., "Back Off!".
  • Wifi controlled RC-Car
  • Loading A ATmeta324 With Arduino Boothloader And Make a Bare Bones Arduino
  • Chromatic musical instrument tuner
  • Cycling computer
  • LED Clock
  • Remote controlled desktop missile launcher

How about a wireless RC car in a friend's living room in say Germany, operated by a girl in New York (or San Francisco). Should be simple: girl uses keyboard to transmit instructions through German friend's computer. German Friend has a wireless transceiver that communicates to the RC car. How does she know what instructions to send? Easy way is Skype. Creative way are sensors, even cameras on RC car that comunicates back to her in NYC!

  • Wii Nunchuk Computer Mouse using Arduino and AutoIt [[]]
  • Build a radio controlled copter
  • Create and build an MP3 jukebox, that is easy to see, use and operate (technologically impaired elderly parents). Use an SD card array to load music permanently. Provide visual feedback, song titles and audio driven menus.
  • Build an NTP synchronized sidereal clock
  • Arduino-based automatic control system for a tiny Ni/H fusion reactor
  • Brewmigo - An All Grain Home Brewery using an Arduino Uno
  • Automate your Chicken Coop
  • Automatic trash can moving using integration between UNO and Kinect for Windows
  • Universal Remote for media center
  • Uno Controlled 2D Plotter.
  • Here's something I've wanted to do for a long time. It's funny, or more like totally zany. Imagine, if you will, a pair of sunglasses. Preferably big, round sunglasses. We make them with polarized lenses, being careful to align the polarization at the same angle in both (fixed) lenses. Then we have another set of polarized lenses in front of the two fixed lenses. Now imagine we have a motor, and a drive belt or gears, or a chain that will turn the two front lenses. We mount a photocell somewhere on the earpieces such that it looks forward though the lenses. When the light through the lenses changes, the photocell detects it, and the Arduino (preferably a very small one), drives the motor, letting in more light or less light. As the wearer turns his head, the lenses react quickly (and perhaps a little audibly), to the astonishment on onlookers. I visualize them as somewhat "steampunkish" in appearance.
  • Solar panel array tracking monitoring system. Monitor the voltage, current, and temperature from each solar panel in each of several arrays. Each array is mounted on a post with linear actuators and light sensors to move the array towards the sun. The system will use low power bluetooth and WiFi to interact and store data as well as activate virtual meters. One of the issues to be addressed is the control of several Arduinos. Can Arduinos be daisy-chained? Will software coordinate the several micro-systems. The design is intended to be modular and expandable.