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Arduino + MAX/MSP

Quick links: Maxuino; SimpleMessageSystem; Arduino2Max; Firmata; ArduinoMax_InOut_forDummies

Max Communication Examples

These examples are written to interface with the communication examples in Arduino 0008. MaxCommunicationExamples



Maxuino is an actively maintained collaborative open source project for quickly and easily getting the Cycling ’74 Software “Max 5″ talking to the i/o Arduino board. This allows Max to read analog and digital pins, write to digital and PWM pins, control servos, listen to i2c sensors and much much more. It is in use all over the world by artists, musicians, inventors and gizmologists.

Maxuino 009 introduces an Ableton Live device (made with Max for Live) that allows you to communicate with your arduino-compatible microcontroller from Ableton.

For the latest, check out the updates.

Note: The MaxDuino patch link available before seems to be broken for already some time so it is has been removed from this page.



SimpleMessageSystem is a library for the Arduino that allows you to send, receive and parse characters, integers and lists between Arduino and Max/Msp or Pure Data.

More detailed Max/Msp patch for SimpleMessageSystem:

(Simple message system is a library, so you can use it to communicate pretty much any stream of numbers and characters. The example that ships with it is for reading/writing arduino in/outs, but you can adapt it to your needs. It is very flexible.)

Arduino2Max (Version .6) November 2012


Arduino2Max is a Max patch with accompanying Arduino code that allows you to read the Arduino's 12 digital and 6 analog pins in Max/MSP. To use it, first program the Arduino with the code included in the Arduino2Max zip archive (link below).

Next, copy the main patcher from the included MAX file:

The (new!*) pull-down menu shown above selects the serial port.Once this above patcher is started, you can receive an Arduino pin value by simply making a named receive object. Here's to to read the Arduino's analog pins:

... and here is how to read the digital pins:

Arduino2Max only reads the Arduino's inputs, although with some work serial writes would be possible. Feel free to improve on what you find here and repost it with a higher version number. Current version works with UNO.

Arduino2Max, Version .60 November 2012


By Daniel Jolliffe, for my excellent and amazing students.

- You'll need MAX 4.5 or higher to run the included MAX patch.

- Works great on Intel Mac 2.4GHZ/OSX10.8/UNO.

- Now includes a USB port pull-down menu; thanks to code by Seejay James!

- For those who like antiques, older versions are available on the attachments page.

Here is a version that allows for simple digital out It sends simple number messages to Arduino. You then have to modify the Arduino code to tell it what to do in response to the numbers it receives from Max.



The interfacing developed orginally for PureData has been ported to MaxMSP as well. It does input and output, thus being more flexible then the Arduino2Max above, is however a bit harder to use.



Z_OSC April 2011

The Z_OSC is a simple Open Sound Control Protocol Library to send & receive OSC messages to/from Arduino via UDP. Working with IDE 0022

Based on the ArdOSC of recotana( )


- You'll need MAX 5 to run the included MAX patch.



April 2012.

ArduinoMax InOut for Dummies is a very easy to use interface for sending and receiving data between Arduino 1.0 and Max5&6, for those of us who are more comfortable with designing interaction using graphic coding.

It´s based on simple serial communication. Digital in, Analog in, Digital out and PWM is easily configured and transmitted/received.

The code in both Max and Arduino is sparse and simple - among other things, Arduino only sends data to Max from pins specifically asked for, which on the other hand makes the serial communication pretty efficient.

Please enjoy.

ArduinoMax-InOut-forDummies DOWNLOAD