Files for making your own Arduino Protoshield

by djmatic

Here is a design for an Arduino protoshield that sits on top of the main Arduino board. You can use the files below to order a board from a PCB manufacturer, or you can make them yourself. The file is in Eagle format; you'll have to generate your own drill and gerber files appropriate to your PCB house.

This design has a few good features:

  • power busses for +5V and GND in middle of board
  • holes connected in groups of five, breadboard-style
  • all regular Arduino pins accessible on top
  • bottom of board cannot short to USB connector as in other protoshield designs
  • power LED and reset button on top
  • USB/External power jumper accessible with protoshield installed
  • low parts count: only one capacitor, a resistor, and LED and a switch, in addition to header pins.
  • two ways to use it: add header pins and a breadboard on top, or just use through holes to wire point to point.

This is provided totally copyleft, make as many copies of the above file in physical or digital form as you like, and use them however you like for whatever purpose you choose.

ProtoShieldBR - ProtoShield for Arduino made in Brazil