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XBee Shield

Figure 1: XBee shield

This is a new shield developed by M. Yarza as part of the development process done by the company Libelium from Zaragoza, Spain in close collaboration with

Figure 2: Shield over Arduino NG

The shield allows to easily mount one XBee board and all the components to get it up and running. When plugged on an Arduino NG board without the processor it will act as a USB to XBee converter becoming an interface for all your XBee enabled devices to a computer.

Figure 3: it is possible to attach any type of XBee modules

Board's version 0001 is beta and under test by the team these days, but it should be launched soon as a DIY kit with all the components included. If you are interested in this design, please let us know about your interest on this forum thread. The more boards we manufacture at once, the cheaper the design will become.