This is an effort to update the organization for the playground.

Basics Totally new to programming and or electronics and hardware?

  • Learning Electronics
  • Learning Programming

Manuals and Curriculum Good starting places -- Cohesive documentation that will step you through a variety of topics.

  • The Arduino Guide

Arduino Core Hardware Learn more about Arduino itself. For example: types of Arduino boards, how to build your own, how to modify or hack one, how to program an arduino, or ways to power it.

  • Types
    • mini
    • BT
    • NG
    • diecimila

  • Powering Arduino

  • Building and Modifying an Arduino

  • Arduino Firmware and modifications

  • Bootloader burning

  • Shields - How to design and build Arduino shields, complete boards that add a layer to the arduino.
    • How to make
    • example shields (Items in this area may be listed here, as well as have as in a specific sections above?)

Development Tools Software for PCs for Arduino development.

  • Platforms
    • Linux
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • Debian Linux
    • Gentoo Linux
    • Slackware Linux
    • FreeBSD
    • Fedora Linux

  • Alternatives to the Arduino environment
    • (multi-platform) Command line tools
    • Windows command line
    • Eclipse

  • Library Guide- How to write and install libraries into your Arduino environment.

Interfacing with Hardware

  • Output - Examples and information for specific output devices and peripherals: How to connect and wire up devices and code to drive them.
    • Visual:
      • LEDs
      • LCDs

    • Audio
      • speakers
      • MIDI

    • Mechanical:
      • motor control
      • solenoids

    • Multiplexing

  • Input - Examples and information on specific input devices and peripherals: How to connect and wire up devices and code to get data from them.

    • encoders
    • GPS
    • Joysticks
    • MIDI
    • 12v signal
    • slot detectors
    • Multiplexing

  • Interaction - Circuits involving constant feedback between input and output. (I'm not sure we have anything to put in this category, but it seems conceptually distinct from the others.)

    • haptics
    • audio manipulation

  • Storage - Adding external storage to your Arduino board (this may be a small category, but I don't think it fits into any of the others).

  • Communication - Information on communication protocols, how to talk with other devices, and linking with various PC base software.
    • PCs
    • phones
    • MIDI
    • Wireless

Interfacing with Software

  • Generic firmwares
  • Processing
  • Python
  • etc.

General Code Library (not specific to a external devices) Here you find general use software snippets and libraries for calculations and 'internal' purposed. If you have code to contribute related to an external device, find the right spot under External Devices?.

  • Onboard EEPROM
  • math functions
  • scaling
  • mapping
  • frequency generators


  • online electronic suppliers
  • local shops
  • datasheets
  • Arduino-like boards
  • Arduino People/Groups & Sites

Exhibition A gallery of projects made with Arduino (as opposed to tutorials on how to recreate them).

Workshops and Events Worshops and events around the world.


  • Espa˝ol - Spanish
  • Franšais
  • Italiano