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AVR Related


Protothreading, Timing & Millis

  • HowTo use protothreads Tutorial for the protothread library with an arduino, includes an examples. Download the zip file, see post bottom for link.
  • How and Why to avoid delay and use millis() timers instead - an example driven explanation. Serves also as an introduction to doing several things at once.
  • Timing Rollover, how to handle it, and some simple code examples.
  • uCHobby Arduino Interrupts - comprehensive explanation of the use of Timers.

Input / Output






  • Bit Math Tutorial
  • Learn how to decipher all those cryptic formulas you see in C code that use symbols like &= and <<. Start using bitwise operators in your own code to save memory and perform sophisticated low-level operations on your microcontroller hardware.
  • FFT tutorial: Learn how to implement Fast Fourier Transform in Arduino
  • FIR filters tutorial: Learn how to implement FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters in Arduino
  • Compensating for differences between pulseIn and FreqCounter measurements - A tutorial on compensating for the inaccuracy of software-implemented frequency measurement


  • Capacitance meter: DIY Arduino based capacitance meter.
  • Fast signal sampling: Running analog to digital conversion in fast mode.
  • Shutter speed: Determining the shutter speed of a (digital) camera.
  • Supply Voltage Measurement: Determine the supply voltage of an Arduino (after the regulator).
  • Simple Foto Trigger: Determine when two needles poke through a water ballon in order to trigger a foto flash.
  • ELF EMF: Measure Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields using a simple piece of wire and an Arduino board!


Data Structures & Algorithms


  • Arduino on Ice - How to stream Internet Radio via Shoutcast & Icecast.
  • Sound capture: an introduction to sound capture and the way to use collected data. Micro Light show is one particular application of sound capture combined with FFT.


Wireless Monitoring and Control with a Smartphone

  • Annikken Andee Resources - A resource library full of lessons and in-depth tutorials, complete with quick howto guides on how to easily create various user interface elements (display boxes, buttons, slider controls) on your smartphone by simply coding in Arduino! For more information about Annikken Andee, please visit the Annikken website.