TVout Library

TVout is a completely interrupt driven library that will output either NTSC or PAL composite.

Hardware Connections

Connect an RCA plug to the arduino according to the following schematic. A 75 OHM resistor may be needed between VID and GND on the RCA plug for a very small subset of TVs

SYNC is on OCR1A and AUDIO is on OC2A

m168,m328B 1D 7B 3NG,Decimila,UNO9711
m1280,m2560B 5A 7B 4Mega11A710
m644,m1284p*D 5A 7D 7sanguino13A7 (24)8
AT90USB1286B 5F 7B 4Teensy++

*There are some timing issues with the m1284p, may be related to sanguino core.

Functional Description

There is a very complete and easy to navigate functional description found on the google code wiki