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Arduino-compatible hardware, related initiatives, and other microcontroller platforms.


Arduino and Arduino-Compatible Hardware


Hardware for Connecting

Related Initiatives

Other Microcontroller Platforms

Arduino and Arduino-Compatible Hardware

Official Arduino hardware

For information on the official Arduino hardware, see the main hardware page, the guide to getting started with Arduino, or the index of the official Arduino hardware.

Arduino-compatible hardware

The Arduino community is especially interested in tracking and propagating variant do it yourself, and homebrew Arduino-compatible efforts to help others create their own boards. Post links to projects which you know about here.

  • SeeedStudio -Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing services that empover makers to realize their projects and products.Seeeduino- Various Arduino compatible development boards. Grove System- More than 300+ open source, modular, and ready-to-use modules, which including Sensors, Actuators, Display and Sheilds
  • InVentor (India) Arduino UNO R3 compatible board with ATmega328P single sided board design at very affordable price

  • ST Freeduino Robotics Board - Has built in Servo ports for 4 servos. LM1117 regulator for 1500mA current. Flexible power source (DC socket or USB). Arduino UNO R3 compatible.
  • AmperkaRussian progect what has modules in they own form,but there are problems with delivery.
  • Feature-Packed Arduino-Compatible Display System Development Solutions - Integrating display, audio & touch capabilities coupled with microcontroller functionality to faciltate superior HMI construction

  • Richduino (India) Arduino UNO R3 compatible board with ATmega328 at unbelievable low price

  • YourDuinoRoboRED (Upgraded Arduino UNO Compatible) 5.0/3.3V All I/O to 3-pin connectors Free USB $15

  • Microduino Arduino in your pocket! Quarter-sized, stackable Arduino compatible boards, including many handy extension modules. Best for product prototyping and designing.

  • Hack UR Baubles An Arduino compatible Xmas lights controller with built in sensors and LED drivers. Sound, light and IR remote sensors. Plays music!

  • Bluno An Arduino UNO compatible board with buildin BLE(Bluetooth 4.0)

  • DFRobot (China) Various Arduino Shields and compatible boards

  • LeoShield An adaptor shield that allows older shields to be used on the Arduino Leonardo

  • NerO from Bridgetek - Due to the increasing flexibility of Arduino, the team at Bridgetek felt it was necessary to improve power delivery on a basic Arduino UNO and developed NerO which replaces the basic LDO regulator with a 5V switching regulator allowing for delivery of higher current to support even more shields without the penalty of getting very hot. Other features added to the board include an ON/OFF switch and relocation of the LEDs to allow them to be visible even when other shields are added. More information is available at

  • Wotduino DIY Arduino clone, realised on single-layer PCB, particularly suited to the humble, the insecure and those with low self-esteem ("What do I know?"). Inspired in part by Johan von Konow's Nanino

  • WiFiShield A shield that allows provides internet connectivity
  • Freetronics (Australia)
    • Eleven (100% Arduino Uno Compatible) — quarter of the board as prototyping area and other enhancements.
    • EtherTen (100% Arduino Uno compatible with onboard Ethernet)
    • USBDroid (Arduino Uno compatible with onboard Android/USB Host)
    • EtherMega (100% Arduino Mega 2560 compatible with onboard Ethernet)
    • LeoStick, functionally similar to the upcoming Arduino Leonardo, Native USB port built-in, 2 RGB LEDS, Piezo speaker, ...

  • RockBLOCK Arduino-compatible low-cost two-way satellite messaging unit, which can be easily integrated using either USB or serial interfaces and allows short messages to be sent and received from anywhere on Earth. Designed for educational, hobbyist and professional users alike, the unit is the ideal way to provide a way of globally communicating with projects using Arduino. The unit combines an Iridium 9602 SBD modem, USB interface, power-handling and a high-performance Iridium antenna – it takes away all the hassle of integration with other devices and makes two-way satellite communication plug-and-play for the first time.
  • Digispark Project to produce a dirt cheap, open source, micro sized arduino compatible development board with on-board USB, 6 i/o, SPI, I2C, PWM, and ADC.
  • BotBoarduino Duemilanove based Arduino-compatible that breaks out all pins to servo headers for easy connecting of sensors and servos. Also has three leds, three pushbuttons, a piezo buzzer, and a strong pull-up resistor on pin 6 specifically for connecting a PS2 controller to a project. All extras are enabled via jumpers and are easily removed. Designed with robots in mind.
  • Digispark Project to produce a dirt cheap, open source, micro sized arduino compatible development board with on-board USB, 6 i/o, SPI, I2C, PWM, and ADC.
  • Io:duino AT90CAN128-based Arduino-compatible that offers built-in CAN bus support; aimed especially at model railroading and internet-of-things applications.
  • Lightuino 5 LED driver Arduino-compatible that includes additional chips to directly drive 70 20mA LEDs (constant current sinks) and 16 500mA current sources
  • Androino 2099 Androino 2099 (kit) is a Arduino-compatible based on the "Duemilanove" hardware. It fits into the strapubox 2099 case, board size ist 33x85mm, single layer. (Germany)
  • BeeBoard- Bee is a board of 40x40mm that adopts the AcmeSystems Daisy solderless fast prototyping system. (Italy)
  • Muscle (EMG) Sensors- Muscle/electromyography(EMG) sensors to control your next project by simply flexing your muscles!
  • Comet- An Indian Arduino-compatible of the Duemilanove platform.
  • GinSing - Sound and Voice Synthesizer
  • DFRobotShop Rover - Tracked robotic platform with dual motors and gearbox (Canada)
  • LCD Shield An adaptor shield that provides an Arduino interface to 4D systems LCD Touchscreen Modules
  • SMARTGPU TFT lcd shield-SMARTGPU - Intelligent Graphics Processor lcd module/shield, powerful easy to use embedded development/professional board with a touch color LCD, and integrated touch controller, The SMART GPU processor doesn’t need any configuration or programming on itself, it’s a slave device that only receives serial orders, reducing and facilitating dramatically the code size, complexity and processing load on your favorite main processor. The main goal of the SMART GPU it’s to bring a very easy way to add colour, visual and touch human interfacing to any application or project, without the user having experience in handling LCDs and graphics algorithms. With a microSD card slot supporting up to 4 GB of storage, and FAT/FAT12/FAT16 or FAT32 universal file System that is compatible with any PC, no special format is needed! Video Demo.
  • InduinoX - Indian Made USB Arduino-compatible - A Complete Shield Compatible Development Board with Host of On-Board Peripherals (India)
  • Mignon Game Kit - minimal game console with dot-matrix-display and Arduino-library (Germany)
  • MLAB modules - many designs of simple Arduino compatible electronics modules (Czech Republic)
  • rDuino LEDHead - ATmega644P with RTC and 8 on-board LEDs (Canada)
  • SMARTWAV Stereo Audio Module-SMARTWAV - Intelligent Stereo Audio Processor module, the easiest way to add Stereo Audio to any application or project, high quality 44100hz, stereo, 16bit file support. With a microSD card slot supporting up to 32 GB of FAT format storage, thousands of songs and audio files!
  • ArduPilot, Arduino-compatible autopilot (USA)
  • Embedded Market, Arduino Compatible RichBoard (India)
  • RS485 RS422 Shield - A shield with a SIPEX SP1486E Driver, recommended for profibus
  • Blimpduino, Arduino-compatible robotic blimp controller board (USA)
  • ArduStation, Arduino-compatible UAV ground station with LCD display (USA)
  • Arduemetry, Arduino-compatible GPS data logging platform designed for wireless telemetry (amateur rockets, high-altitude balloons, RC vehicles, APRS, etc.) (USA)
  • Phi-panels, Serial LCD keypad user panels powered by ATMEGA328P microcontroller. This is the most powerful serial LCD keypad panel at low cost. It runs over 22K of firmware written in arduino code. Integrated long message, menu, YN, and OK dialog functions and multi-tap input on 16 key keypad. Buzzer supports any tone and 4 LED indicators etc. Firmware updates. (USA)
  • HackTheBadge mega325 based board, Arduino compatible (USA)
  • Modified Pico (USA)
  • Oak Micros om328p - 28-pin breadboardable module smaller than the Nano (USA)
  • Bhasha Technologies (India)
  • POP-168, POP-MCU Module ((Innovative Experiment, Thailand)
  • SCAXb (USA)
  • Bare Bones Board (USA)
  • YABBAS - Yet Another Bare-Bones Arduino on a Stripboard
  • CraftDuino (RUSSIA)
  • Really Bare Bones Board (USA)
  • Freeduino RS232 Serial Board (USA)
  • Illuminato Board (USA)
  • Boarduino (USA)
  • The Programmable Chip EEG BCI (USA)
  • Freeduino (Canada)
  • Arduclema (Spain)
  • Prototyping Board (Italy)
  • Flexi (India)
  • Orangutan Robot Controllers (USA)
  • Pololu 3pi Robot (USA)
  • LEDuino -- built-in CAN interface (Canada)
  • LCDuino, backpack for audio LCD/IR/motor-pot audio systems. (USA)
  • Seeeduino (China)
  • Miduino (Ireland)
  • Severino (Brazil)
  • Roboduino : For Robotics (USA)
  • GATOR from Rugged Circuits (USA): protected from overvoltage/undervoltage, includes plastic protective enclosure
  • Amanduino (Poland)
  • Wiseduino - with onboard RTC and EEPROM
  • DFRobot(China)
  • KTA-223 Relayduino Arduino Compatible 8 Relay 4 Digital 3 Analog IO Controller with USB and RS485 (Australia)
  • KTA-225 Arduino Compatible 8 Relay 8 Analog IO Controller with USB and RS485 (Australia)
  • iDuino - Breadboardable Arduino-compatible (Canada)
  • JeeNode (Netherlands, with RFM12B wireless)
  • T4A ProcessorBoard (Netherlands, with DOGM132 Graphics, MicroSD, IR receiver, 1V5 stepup convertor, RFM12B wireless)
  • T4A DMX/RS485 ProcessorBoard (Netherlands, with DMX/RS485 tranceiver, RFM12B wireless)
  • Nymph (USA)
  • Teensy - Native full speed USB, with non-serial device support in Arduino IDE
  • panStamp - (Spain), ultra-low-power wireless (CC1101) miniatures based on AVR and MSP430 MCU's
  • ZArdino - Arduino-compatible designed for mostly through hole construction (South Africa)
  • Imaguino - Power-over-ethernet, opto-isolated, TFTP-booting, industrial Arduino-compatible (United Kingdom)
  • Aarduino - SMD Atmega328 and '644 boards (South Africa)
  • MegaMini - Extremely small rendition of the Arduino Mega from JK Devices (USA)
  • PaperduinoPcb - A self-made Paperduino Arduino-Serial-compatible in a PCB from (Spain-Spanish)
  • PaperduinoPerfboard - A self-made Paperduino Arduino-Serial-compatible in a perfboard from (Spain-Spanish)
  • Paperduino-stripboard - A self-made Paperduino Arduino-Serial-compatible in a stripboard from (Spain-Spanish)
  • Luigino328 - A 100% Arduino compatible board with some useful features added. From Droids, distributed by Robot-Italy
  • 1000Pads Luigino - A small Arduino compatible board, very cheap. Available in kit or assembled version or bare board. Probably the cheaper Arduino-Compatible Board. From Droids, distributed by Robot-Italy
  • Zigduino A shield-compatible Arduino-compatible built around the Atmega128RFA1. Now on sale.
  • EasyDuino 1.0 DIY A single side compatible Arduino-compatible easy to make and shield compatible(Italy).
  • JKD Freeduino Hybrid Operate at 3.3V and 5.0V simultaneously. Built-in 8 bit level shifter lets you use the on-board 3.3V regulator or an external reference.
  • Brasuino (Brazil) Compatible with UNO, GPL design using Kicad
  • Winkhel (Spain)
  • DaisyWorks (Rochester,NY) Atmel ATMEGA328 with Bluetooth, IrDA, Servo ports, SD Card, and unique RJ telco jacks for sensors — priced competitively!
  • Snootlab (France) DIY Shields and kits for Arduino
  • arduCHIP: micro Arduino compatible board
by fm.
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by (Spain-Spanish)

  • Nanode: Arduino IDE compatible Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity. Nanode was voted as Best Internet of Things Open Source Project in 2011.
  • TiDiGino: the Arduino-based GSM remote control. Using an ATmega 2560 and therefore the heart of Arduino, we have developed a universal remote control with GSM. This allows to control 2IN/2OUT, DTMF key, gate control and GSM thermostat activated remotely. STORE
  • Innovative Electronics (Indonesia).
    • DT-AVR Inoduino (Arduino-compatible) - DT-AVR Inoduino is a microcontroler module based on AT90USB1286 which has compatibility with Arduino™. Uses high quality SMD components, so this module has compact size and has compatibility with various type of Arduino Shield. Moreover, this module has equipped with internal bootloader to downloading code using Arduino IDE software.
    • DT-AVR Unoduino (Arduino-compatible) - DT-AVR Unoduino is a single chip module based on ATmega328 that is compatible with Arduino™ and Arduino™ IDE. DT-AVR Unoduino comes with bootloader, thus can be directly programmed through USB port (no need for external programmer device). DT-AVR Unoduino's form factor and header configuration is compatible with Arduino™ UNO and Duemilanove series. You can start to experimenting with many kinds of shield.
    • DT-AVR Maxiduino (Arduino-compatible) - DT-AVR Maxiduino has a design and layout pin which has a compatibility with Arduino Mega Series, so various type of Arduino shield can be connected to DT-AVR Maxiduino. DT-AVR Maxiduino has the distinction of I/O extended port (J6) which can not be found in Arduino Mega 1280 and 2560 Series boards.
    • DT-AVR Leoduino (Arduino-compatible) - DT-AVR Leoduino is a microcontroller module based on ATmega32U4 that compatible with Arduino Leonardo board by Arduino. This module has the same features as Arduino Leonardo such as: pins layout, bootloader, and Automatic Software Reset (will automatically resets to enter bootloader mode).
  • JT5 (Russia).
    • Cosmo Black Star (Arduino-compatible) - Arduino layout-compatible board. Based on the Arduino Duemilanove.
    • Colibri (Arduino-compatible) - Universal Platform for Wireless Data Transmission in the Frequency Band 868 MHz. The Board Combines Features Arduino Mini and the Radio EZRadioPRO for Receiving and Transmitting Data. With dataFlash.
  • MVD Robotics (Uruguay).
    • Urduino 328 (Arduino-compatible) - Arduino layout-compatible board, based on the Diecimilla w/Atmega 328. It uses mainly through-hole components, and replaces FTDI/8U2 by Microchip MCP2200 USB<-->Serial converter chip.
  • POP-BOT XT: Robot Kit (Innovative Experiment, Thailand) , Mobile Robot kit, base on Arduino Leonardo compatible. come with completely robot chasis & 2 DC motors , sensors & I/O ports with 128x160 Graphics Color LCD shield and capable to drive 3 R/C servo motor.
  • ArduBoard (by Explore Labs, India) ArduBoard is an Arduino Compatible Board designed by keeping in mind easy interfacing of I2C devices, on-board 5V, 3.3V Voltage Regulators and FTDI compatibility in a compact form-factor which is also BreadBoard Compatible. All your projects that need an Arduino Uno R3 board can be successfully ported to the ArduBoard.
  • openDAQ: OpenDAQ is an open source, USB based, analog acquisition instrument. It provides multifunction data-logging capabilities such as analog and digital I/Os, timer, counter, and waveform generation capabilities. The firmware is fully editable and compatible with Arduino, in order to allow full customization for any project.
  • Industruino DIN-rail mountable fully enclosed Arduino-compatible with onboard LCD screen, membrane panel and prototyping area.
  • OpenTag OpenTag is an Arduino-compatible open source motion (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure, temperature) datalogger to microSD. Additional connections with two ADC channels, digital ground switch, and digital power switch.
  • DevDuino DevDuino is a fully redesigned Arduino-compatible board, smartly reshaped and enhanced with new features : Oled display, connections for wifi or bluetooth module, micro-SD slot, RTC clock or pins with dedicated LED. It was reshaped so it could be plugged in breadboard or shields, leaving you access to every features.

Making your own hardware and Arduino trademark issues

So you want to make an Arduino: guidelines and information for interested parties
Arduino Trademark Dispute
open source forum thread
Freeduino forum thread


A comprehensive list of both official and unofficial Arduino shields is maintained at

(Items in this area may be listed here, as well as have as in a specific sections of Interfacing With Hardware)

  • NTSC/PAL Video Display Shield for Arduino Video display shield with integrated framebuffer and composite video output.

  • nAn0 Und3rP4nTs DC Servo Powerful DC servo motor driver Nano shield suitable for CNC and robotics. Runs PID, has a large H-Bridge!

  • IR Remote Shield 1v09 IR Remote Shield 2v14J Easy to use IR remote shields with microphone, RGB LED, light sensor, joystick, buttons and reset disable.

  • Board of Education Shield Plug the Board of Education Shield into your own Arduino for convenient breadboard prototyping and servo ports, with no soldering required. Arduino programmers who appreciate Parallax's breadboard-friendly sensors and accessories will find them even easier to use with this shield.

  • HacroCam VGA Camera Shield, An Arduino shield with an on-board VGA camera for your image-based projects. You can transfer images via I2C or serial, hook up multiple cameras for stereo, do time lapse, interface with Processing, and more.

  • "How to" help: for the $12 (Feb 2011)

  • grblShield - 3 axis stepper motor controller for Arduino. Works with grbl or native Arduino.

  • DDS Shield for Arduino. Shield to host a cheap AD9850 DDS Module to generate stable, controllable radio-frequency signals.

  • DDS Shield. The Direct Digital Synthesis shield (above) is now available as a kit from Kanga Products., fully supported by Arduino sketches and application ideas.

  • Load cell shield for Arduino from Tenet Technetronics. This shield allows the Arduino to be easily connected using a shield interface to a load cell and a LCD to easily be able to create a weighing scale setup with greater ease.The demonstration of the shield can be found here.

  • shield, which provides 8 capacitive input sensors. (Plus 8 LEDs and an audio out channel.) Both capacitive sensors and LED outputs may be moved off-board, or the on-board sensors/ LEDs used.
  • Rugged Circuits Aussie Shield: for Uno/Duemilanove/Mega, brings out all 28 I/O pins to quick-connect terminals for hooking up wires with no tools, Arduino plugs in upside down.

  • SMARTGPU TFT lcd shield-SMARTGPU - Intelligent Graphics Processor lcd module/shield, powerful easy to use embedded development/professional board with a touch color LCD, and integrated touch controller, The SMART GPU processor doesn’t need any configuration or programming on itself, it’s a slave device that only receives serial orders, reducing and facilitating dramatically the code size, complexity and processing load on your favorite main processor. The main goal of the SMART GPU it’s to bring a very easy way to add colour, visual and touch human interfacing to any application or project, without the user having experience in handling LCDs and graphics algorithms. With a microSD card slot supporting up to 4 GB of storage, and FAT/FAT12/FAT16 or FAT32 universal file System that is compatible with any PC, no special format is needed! Video Demo.

  • CleO from Bridgetek: For your next display and control solution Bridgetek offer 3.5” and 5.0” full colour TFT shields with resistive touch control. The modules extend the visual output from an Arduino solution beyond basic LEDs or 7 segment displays and interface directly with Arduino over SPI. The module pinout is suitable for direct contact with an Arduino UNO R3 or their own power efficient variant, NerO.

A CleO library and extensive tutorial program is also available for free download and installation to assist in creating feature rich touch display applications such as required in IoT or instrumentation control. Also available with these modules are interfaces and accessories for adding further features such as a camera module, an SD Card socket, an audio speaker, thermostats, microphones and many other system elements. More information is available at

  • Rugged Circuits Rugged Motor Driver: for Uno/Duemilanove/Mega, drives two brush DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor.
  • Rugged Circuits Gadget Shield: for Uno/Duemilanove/Mega, comes with 3-axis accelerometer, IR detector, IR emitter, RGB high-brightness LED, 2 potentiometers, 2 pushbuttons, 4 LED's, visible light sensor.
  • Rugged Circuits Quick Shield: for Uno/Duemilanove/Mega, brings out all 28 I/O pins to quick-connect terminals for hooking up wires with no tools, allows another shield to plug in on top.
  • NuElectronics Datalog and I/O Shield: SD card carrier, DS1302 RTC, and easy connection of sensors. See Sheepdog Guides pages for independent comments, demos.
  • Critical Velocity LCD Shield, an open source shield that allows you to easily connect a character LCD to the Arduino. Also includes a speaker, a push button and prototyping space.
  • Phi-2 shield LCD, buttons, GPS, and more A shield for beginners to learn and advanced users to integrate in their projects. A variety of functions includes LCD, 6 buttons, EEPROM, DS1307 real time clock, GPS connector, buzzer, LED, etc.
  • rMP3 Playback Shield - Play sounds/music and read/write data from SD cards.
  • TellyMate Shield - TV-Out from your Arduino. Uses the serial output of the Arduino to control a 38x25 character display on a PAL or NTSC TV.
  • ButtonShield, a shield with 32 buttons, mode A and mode B, a space bar, and a shift key with dual inline LEDs. It lets you turn the Arduino into a handheld, portable microcontroller computer, or gadget. It is controlled over serial and comes with libraries, and is paid for by the Open Source Hardware Bank.
  • Propellurino, a shield with open source software for the Arduino with a multicore prozessor. It has different interfaces like ps/2 mouse or keyboard, midi in, 2 channel analog out, VGA connector and additional I/O ports. It allows you to use as a synthesizer, display data on a VGA screen an many other things. The Arduino controls the functions of the shield.
  • 6-pack, an open-source shield for the Arduino that allows you to connect six sliders to the analog input pins.
  • Bjoern Hartman has published the Eagle PCB files for a shield that lets you easily use Phidget sensors with the Arduino
  • Eagle files for an L293-based Arduino motor driver shield.
  • Liquidware ExtenderShield - Put 2 shields on the Arduino at once (Wide) or (Tall)
  • Adafruit Servo/Stepper/DC Motor shield - A shield that can control 2 hobby servos and up to 2 unipolar/bipolar stepper motors or 4 bi-directional DC motors.
  • SID-emulator was developed by c. haberer and SGMK to use the arduino to control a SID-emulator chip and create old-school 8-bit sounds and lo-fi musical instruments.
  • Battery Shield - A shield from Liquidware that connects to the back of the Arduino, with a USB-rechargable lithium ion battery that can power an Arduino for 14-28 hours depending on the circuit
  • MEGA Battery Pack - One of the first shields for the Arduino Mega, that gives it between 15-27 hours of battery life in a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable over USB
  • Prototyping shields: These boards are generic shields for building small prototyping circuits. One has a solderless breadboard and the other has a grid of solder holes. Details
  • Protoshield - Copyleft files for making your own Arduino protoshield.
  • Also, see todbot's DIY breadboard shield
  • Adafruit prototyping shield - A prototyping shield for Arduino.
  • DMX shield.
  • Liquidware InputShield - A shield with two buttons, a joystick, and an A-B selector switch for making games or controlling robots.
  • Adafruit XPort/Ethernet shield - Allows use of an XPort module for connecting to the Internet as a client or server.
  • RFIDShield: Connects ID-12 or ID-20 RFID readers to an Arduino. Contact me at if you want one.
  • RFIDuino - Reads and writes 13.56MHz ISO-14443A (Mifare) RFID tags. Available as an easy-to-solder kit, through-hole only. RFIDuino mounts upside-down on top of a Arduino, and has an integrated antenna. Mounting hardware included.
  • Liquidware TouchShield OLED touch screen shield.
  • TriangleShield Triangular shaped wedges to rotate other shields 45 degrees off the Arduino.
  • Adafruit Wave shield - Plays any size 22KHz audio files from an SD memory card for music, effects and interactive sound art
  • Adafruit GPS & Datalogging shield - Connects up a GPS module and can log location, time/date as well as sensor data to an SD memory flash card.
  • Simple Arduino Proto Shield Single Sided - This is a simple prototyping shield single sided for Arduino NG/Diecimila. No ISP connector, no reset button, and no leds. The advantage this board is not occupy space with something that you will not use.
  • TouchShield Slide Widescreen OLED touch screen shield for the Arduino with 320x240 resolution and runs Processing graphics commands.
  • Arduino Shield Scaffold - Eagle CAD schematic and PCB files with just the basic headers and Arduino outlines, a quick start for your own custom shield project.
  • Eagle Library with Arduino Shield as a Library Part for the Schematic and PCB - easy to use for your own Shield-designs created with the Eagle PCB Cad Software
  • TankShield - gives the Arduino dual addressable, PWM'd controlled tank treads with built in motor drivers. The Arduino snaps onto the backside of the TankShield, so other shields can be used on the robot
  • Eagle lib with Arduino pins/spacing and (working) 18S20 (Maxim 1-Wire temp sensor). Also a generic Arduino (Diecimila) shield with pads and labels ONLY. Also a 18S20 temp sensor schematic and board that can be daisy-chained with ordinary phone cables.
  • S65-Shield for Arduino Uno/Mega. Hardware: 132x176 16bit color Display, Rotary Encoder, microSD Socket
  • mSD-Shield for Arduino Uno/Mega. Hardware: microSD Socket and optional 2.8" TFT-Display with Touch-Panel (MI0283QT: 240x320 16bit color)
  • RedFly-Shield for Arduino Uno/Leonardo/Mega with WiFi/WLAN module.
  • FabScan-Shield for 3D Laser Scanning.
  • CANdiy-Shield for CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network) connectivity.
  • microSD module by to read/write data from/to SD cards easily. Get the latest code by BlushingBoy
  • pHduino This is a pH meter using Arduino board for pH measurements with a glass electrode.
  • Renbotics Servo Shield The Renbotics Servo Shield uses two 4017 decade counters to drive up to 16 servos using only 4 pins (digital pins 6 to 9) and as little as one 8bit timer (Timer 2) in standard mode or two 16/8bit timers (Timer 1 plus Timer 2 for Duemilanove and Timer 3 for Mega) in high accuracy mode.
  • MuxShield The Mux (Multiplexer) Shield adds the capacity for up to 48 analog or digital inputs or outputs on the Arduino and Arduino Mega using three analog multiplexers. Example code also given.
  • Random Number Generator RNG shield The RNG shield is designed using free software KiCad to generate wide spectrum white noise suitable for sampling and later use as a source or seed for random number generation. Example code given.
  • Plug Shield The Plug Shield can connect multiple I2C-based JeePlugs to the Arduino. On-board 3.3V level converter. Works with the Wire library (example).
  • VideoOverlayShield an open source shield board that overlays text on analog video, using the Maxim MAX7456 on-screen display chip.
  • 8x8 LED matrix shield
  • Dual bi-color LED matrix shield
  • 4-digit shield ] 4x(5x7) LED matrix shield with MAX6953 driver
  • Dual bi-color LED matrix shield
  • 4 Channels High Power LED driver shield A four channel High Power LED driver (350mAmps each channel). Suitable for RGBA LED color lighting.
  • High Current Motor Controller Shield a high current motor controller shield featuring 2 VNH2SP30 motor controllers. This shield controls 2 motors up to 15 amps continuous each, 30 peak, or one motor 30 amps continuous, 60 amps peak.
  • 4X4 Driver Shield (formerly Sixteen Channel Driver Shield) a sixteen channel high current shield. It carries sixteen 5A fully protected high side MOSFET drivers capable of handling up to 30VDC. Shift register control means it to used only four pins off the Arduino and up to 25 can be daisy-chained off a single Arduino. Library support allows it to be used as a unipolar stepper driver for up to four motors per board. Designed to use the hardware SPI bus on an Arduino Uno, allowing it to be used with the ShiftPWM library. Produced and sold by Logos Electromechanical LLC
  • WeatherShield1 A Weather Shield for Arduino. Pressure, temperature and relative humidity in a easy to use shield.
  • I2C Power ProtoShield V2 by Snootlab - A prototyping shield for Arduino with strengthened 3.3V, 5V, 12V on board through ATX Power supply connector and an easy to use I2C bus with pull-up resistors footprint.
  • Cosmo GSM Connect - GSM shield for Arduino. Shield can apply M2M to send data to the remote server. The feature:
  • Embedded TCP/IP
  • Connect to a TCP/UDP server on Internet over GPRS
  • Support two interfaces of M2M
    • Command interface
    • Raw data interface
  • Cosmo WiFi Shield - WiFi shield for Arduino. Bring WiFi connectivity via Serial Host Interface. Ultra Low Power through Dynamic Power Management (34µA at the Standby mode). Operates with standard 802.11b/g/n access point at speed up to 11Mbps (802.11b).
  • Cosmo WiFi Connect - WiFi shield for Arduino. Embedded 802.11b/g Wireless Networking. Access Point, Client, Gateway, Serial to WLAN mode Supported. 54Mbps Data Rate and Max 25Mbps Effective Data Streaming. Full-Featured Network Protocol Stack. Management via HTTP, Telnet, Serial, UDP. Range up to 150-200 meters.
  • Cosmo USB Host - USB Host shield with MAX3421E. The following device supported:
    • Digital cameras (Canon EOS, Powershot, Nikon DSLRs)
    • HID devices (keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.)
    • USB to serial converters
  • Power ScrewShield by Snootlab - A prototyping screw shield for Arduino with 12V on board through ATX Power supply connector and an easy to use SMD solder zone.
  • Serial LCD Schield - A serial LCD shield that only uses 2 I/O pins. Includes 16X2 LCD, 6 navigation buttons, buzzer and LED.
  • Renbotics Side Shield The Renbotics Side Shield makes it easy to extend your Arduino shield stacking sideways, remap conflicting pins between shields, and simplify using 3.3V shields with 5V Arduino’s or compatible.
  • GATE 0.5 by Snootlab - A DIY Ethernet Shield for Arduino developed by Snootlab. Based on the SPI ENC28J60 and having the footprint for a RF module to create RF bridges between sensors and internet for example.
  • GSM/GPRS shield - This is a very low cost and simple Arduino GSM and GPRS shield using the module SIMCom SIM900. It’s the cheaper module now avalaible in the market. We performed a GSM library to controll easly the module. STORE
  • Relay Shield - Shield to control 6 relay, 6 digital input and 6 analog input with Arduino. The digital inputs and relay outputs are equipped with an LED that indicates the status. The card can be used in many applications and in many ways. STORE
  • Mémoire V2 by Snootlab - A DIY RTC Log Shield for Arduino Uno and Mega developed by Snootlab. Support SdFat library for SD FAT16/FAT32 SC/HC cards, can add date and time to data based on the component I2C DS1307 and has a square pads prototyping area to add sensors, actuators, RF, ....
  • Rotoshield by Snootlab - A DIY Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno and Mega developed by Snootlab. Can control up to 4 DC motors with individually controlled speed (256-Levels) and up to 2 stepper motors; I2C bus on board do reduce Arduino pin usage ...
  • Z-WeatherShield Another Weather Shield for Arduino. Shield sensors: pressure, temperature, relative humidity, DIO for windsensor and ADC-In for voltage metering.
  • Freetronics Shields
    • LCD & Keypad Shield — 16-character by 2-line display, 5 buttons and a controllable backlight
    • Protoshield Pro, Basic, Short — prototyping shields
    • Terminal Shield breaks out all the Arduino headers to handy screw terminals
    • Ethernet Shield With PoE
  • Deuligne by Snootlab - A DIY LCD Shield for Arduino developed by Snootlab. WIth 4 directions and action joystick, 16 characters, 2 lines display, controllable backlight, only 3 analog pins used, I2C controled, Arduino 1.0 ready ...
  • PaperBluetooth by Txapuzas - A DIY Bluetooth Shield with a cheap bluetooth module (Spanish)
  • Blinkenlight Shield: for Uno/Duemilanove/Mega, 20 LEDs with great documentation.
  • WiFi Shield - WiFi shield for Arduino with micro SD card. The WiFi Shield equips your Arduino the ability to connect to IEEE Std. 802.11b/g/n wireless networks. The featured components of the shield is the Microchip module MRF24WB0MA with integrated antenna. STORE.
  • Motor Shield - Shield for Arduino based on the dual full bridge driver L298P capable of driving both DC and stepper motors. The shield is compatible with Arduino, Arduinouno, Arduinomega, etc. ...has a terminal block for connection of two DC motors or stepper motor bipolar and strippin male / female that allow the use in a cascade of other shield. Power for the motors can be supplied from outside (7 ÷ 46 Vdc) or directly from the Arduino board. Each of the two output channels of the shield is able to provide a maximum current 2 A. STORE.
  • Mega Power Protoshield by Snootlab - A DIY Prototyping Shield for Arduino Mega and Mega ADK developed by Snootlab. Easy prototyping, SMD and square padded zones with ATX Power supply connector to have 12V on board ...
  • I-CubeX Shield - Use this Shield to easily connect I-CubeX sensors and actuators to an Arduino board.
  • DT-Robot Line Tracking Shield : is used to change your Induino/Uno/Mega to be wheeled robot.
  • Annikken Andee - Easily connect your smartphone to monitor and control the Arduino wirelessly via Bluetooth! It even comes with its own library so that you can easily customise your smartphone's user interface from Arduino IDE itself!
  • Tune Mp3 Decoder v1.1 - A DIY MP3 Decoder Shield for Arduino developed by Snootlab. Turn your Arduino into an MP3 player ! Play MP3 and playlist, set volume, basses and treble, compatible with IR remote ...
  • PlainDSP Audio kit- An audio processing kit featuring the following parts:
    • Audio Shield. This shield features a built in microphone as well as jack connectors for external microphone and line inputs. The signal from these audio inputs is amplified by an auto-ranging multi-stages amplifier in order to cope with a wide range of power levels. The shield includes and RGB LED driver and three separate red, green and blue LEDs as well as a header for mounting a spare integrated RGB LED.
    • The “PlainDSP Audio Kit Booklet, An introduction to Audio DSP” (Read an extract here) the short long story of DSP, with plenty illustrations from applications that you will be able to replay by yourself.
    • Access code for unlimited free access to PlainDSP library, LED driver libraries (TLC5973x series and WS281x series), example sketches.
    • Communitary support from plaindsp forum.

Hardware for connecting to Arduino

by fm.

Related Initiatives

  • Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. Processing helped inspire Arduino and provides the code base for the Arduino environment.

  • Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers and artists to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product. They are creating software to help document circuits and turn them into PCB layouts for manufacturing.

  • EduWear is an EU-funded project that uses Arduino and electronic textiles to introduce children to programming and electronics. They've created a visual programming environment for programming Arduino boards.

  • electronics is the technical area of the magazine that is releasing projects and free downloadable contents for high profile Arduino boards add-on and accessories. Embracing open source and open hardware philosophy, all the projects published by electronics are Arduino compatible and can also work with non-Arduino micro controller platforms.

Other Microcontroller Platforms

Other projects similar to Arduino, for inspiration, comparison, and collaboration. Please add comments and other platforms. Also see the AVR Freaks list for more (click on "Development Boards"). And SparkFun also sells lots of development board (including Arduino).