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PSX Library

This library allows an Arduino to interface with a standard digital Playstation 1 controller. Installation is simple, just unzip the package into your Arduino Directory\hardware\libraries.

Use of the library is simple, only requiring an initialization, a setup, and then a read command.

The included example shows a simple application of the library.

The pinout for the Playstation controller is available at:



  • Used to initialize the library
  • Ex: Psx Psx;

setupPins(dataPin, cmndPin, attPin, clockPin, delay)

  • Defines which pins on the arduino are connected to the controller, as well as the delay on how long the clock remains high and low.
  • Ex: Psx.setupPins(2, 3, 4, 5, 10)


  • Reads the button data from the playstation controller, and returns it as an unsigned integer.
  • Ex: data =;

The returned data is an unsigned integer, with each bit representing a specific button. It can be tested using a simple if statement.

Ex: if (data & psxUp)

Each button is defined in the library, so there is no need to use hex codes when testing.

psxLeft 0x0001
psxDown 0x0002
psxRight 0x0004
psxUp 0x0008
psxStrt 0x0010
psxSlct 0x0080
psxSqu 0x0100
psxX 0x0200
psxO 0x0400
psxTri 0x0800
psxR1 0x1000
psxL1 0x2000
psxR2 0x4000
psxL2 0x8000

Protocol information based off of Andrew J McCubbin's analysis.

Part of the library is based on Carlyn Maw and Tom Igoe's work.