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MsTimer2 is a small and very easy to use library to interface Timer2 with humans. It's called MsTimer2 because it "hardcodes" a resolution of 1 millisecond on timer2.

Updated again:


  • works on ATmega1280 (thanks to Manuel Negri).
  • works on ATmega328 (thanks Jerome Despatis).
  • works on ATmega48/88/168 and ATmega128/8.


MsTimer2::set(unsigned long ms, void (*f)())
this function sets a time on ms for the overflow. Each overflow, "f" will be called. "f" has to be declared void with no parameters.
enables the interrupt.
disables the interrupt.

Source code

License: LGPL

Install it on {arduino-path}/libraries/


// Toggle LED on pin 13 each second
#include <MsTimer2.h>

void flash() {
  static boolean output = HIGH;

  digitalWrite(13, output);
  output = !output;

void setup() {
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

  MsTimer2::set(500, flash); // 500ms period

void loop() {

Further examples on the Web


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