Electronics Technique Resources

A tentative page for electronic practice for more experienced practitioners, some of this material has been moved from the Basics page.


Components: an overview of basic electronic components


Make/ commission your own PCBs

  • Making your own very simple PCBs, with (relatively) minor expense
  • Another DIY PCB tutorial, focused on home fabrication of SMT breakout boards
  • Inexpensive service If you can supply a Gerber file, the nice people at BatchPCB.com, connected with Sparkfun, I believe, will make a PCB for you, and make it available to others too, IF you wish. Remember: Fast / Cheap / Good: You cannot have all three. I believe BatchPCB concentrate on the "cheap" and the "good" for you. (There is advice on their site about the Gerber file thing.)
    • SeeedStudio is another PCB manufacturer that supports Open Hardware
    • a long list of PCB manufacturers (at the OpenCircuits Wiki) will accept Gerber files and make a PCB for you. Many of them are much faster -- and much more expensive -- than Batch PCB.

Electronics books

See the following forum discussion for more info: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1167350858

Electronics resources on the Web