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Code Library

Capacitive Sensor code

Sensor code

Smoothing Functions

  • smooth(data, filterVal, smoothedVal) - a low-pass filter smoothing function,
    useful for removing sensor jitter

  • digitalSmooth(data, smoothArrayName) - a digital low-pass filter smoothing function, useful for removing sensor jitter, and glitches

Mapping Functions

  • autoscale - scale a variable between two ranges using linear interpolation

  • fscale - a function to map a variable between two floating point ranges.
    Has a parameter to logarithmically favor either end of the output range

Frequency Generation

PWM Techniques


Matrix LED backpack

  • Code for running the Sparkfun RGB matrix LED backpack.

Random Functions

  • randomHat() - choose every number from a "hat" before repeating
  • randomWalk(stepSize) - wander between endpoints at a specified rate


Patches for tweaking standard Arduino releases

Programming the Arduino with AVR ISP

Programming the Arduino with another Arduino


Dataflash library

Serial code

Timer code

Windows Utilities

  • Windows command line build/upload For most Windows users, this is a lot easier to get working than using the generic Makefile: no need to find a make utility, grep, etc.

Ardustat: Galvanostat/Potentiostat

  • Ardustat: Schematics and code to build an electrochemical characterization devices using an Arduino.

Behavior based programs

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