Cabinet Page Discussion

The Arduino team has expressed the desire for the Reference section of the website to be a very terse document without much description of the low-level workings of the hardware and software, or longer examples.

The Cabinet is intended to be a long-form reference section, with much more detail, that is nevertheless edited and well organized. It is also designed to provide an up-to-date documentation of Arduino quirks and techniques for getting the job done. It is something of an experiment right now.

Feel free to fill in the entries here starting with the descriptions from the reference section, but expanding upon them as you wish, and adding entries where you feel appropriate. Try to follow the template as much as possible, and to find the most appropriate place for your material. This can always change later if someone comes up with better formatting suggestions.

The Cabinet is currently divided into two sections, similar, but more comprehensive than the main reference page. One similar but more comprehensive than the Foundations page, and one devoted to prototype electronic schematics and explanations. All editable by anyone.