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and as this page is currently still blank, I'd like to start with a few notes. I guess this is what a wiki is good for! Let's self-organise! --max

Basic Editing

Contains newbie info about the wiki formatting, one page only

Text Formatting Rules

a more complete list of some of the markup sequences available in PmWiki

Documentation Index

describes in greater depth various aspects of using, administering and troubleshooting a PmWiki installation, as well as aspects of the pmwiki community.


I'd like to see a section on the following topics. As no one has written it yet, I'm starting with suggestions and maybe someone will comment on it:

  • Info on how to comment other people's pages in a polite manner

I'd suggest that as long as there seems to be no specific function for it one could just add single-textblocks in italics - like this one - and add his username after it with the tripe-tilde sequence

  • Info on which info goes where

Needed: clarification on why some content is listed in the sidebar, some is not. What's the intention? Suggestion: Every new page could be listed in the sidebar. If the list gets too long, that's when it's time to group the stuff into sub-categories

I agree: everything in a particular section (e.g. tutorials) should be in the sidebar, or if it's too much, nothing should be so that people need to go to the tutorial page and see the complete list. Otherwise some things get lost. Though maybe it makes sense to have things that are on the site in the sidebar, with offsite resources only linked from pages, not the sidebar. David Mellis

  • Contact Info

would like to know whom to contact with stupid questions, abuse reports, etc. - who is the admin

For the moment, the best bet is probably team at arduino dot cc. David Mellis

comments and extensions are welcome! --max