ShiftRegister Library for Arduino
Author:  Alexander Brevig


Current version

1.0 2009-04-13: Initial Release


1.0 2009-04-13: Initial Release


ShiftRegister is an interface for ShiftRegisters on the Arduino.

It is created to help Hardware Abstraction, and readability of code. It declres the functionalities a ShiftRegister has to provide for complete abstraction of the bit shifting.

ShiftRegister library is part of the Hardware Abstraction libraries.

Download, install and import

Download here:


You do not create instances of an interface.


These functions will need to be overridden in a ShiftRegister library

virtual void buffer(byte out)=0;

Provide a way to buffer a byte, prepare it to get shifted.

virtual void write()=0;

Provide a way to write the contents of the current buffer to the ShiftRegister

virtual void write(byte out)=0;

Provide a way to write the byte 'out' to the ShiftRegister


See an example implementation for the 595 ShiftRegister.


//Contact me if you have any questions, I will answer ASAP. (I'll post an answer here as well.)

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