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LCD_screen Library Suite for LCD Screens

The LCD_screen Library Suite handles a large range of affordable screens, connected though SPI, parallel or serial and provides a unified set of high level commands to manage text, graphics and touch.

It replaces the Serial_LCD Library Suite and supports the μLCD, μOLED and μVGA screens from 4D Systems.

The library suite has been tested successfully with and supports Arduino 1.0, chipKIT MPIDE, Energia and Wiring.

High-Level Commands

High-level commands include:

  • GUI with label, button, menu, dialog box, slider
  • dedicated Graphics as clock, yaw-pitch-roll, histogram, gauge.

Dedicated Website and Forum Thread

The dedicated website provides:

Check the official thread LCD_screen Library Suite on the Arduino forum.

Example code

This example initialises the screen and an analog clock and displays the time.

Here's the sketch:

// Include application, user and local libraries
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "Wire.h"
#include "I2C_Clock.h"
#include "HI32_screen.h"
#include "LCD_graphics.h"

// Define variables and constants
LCD_HI32 myScreen;
gClock myClock;
I2C_Clock myTimeKeeper;

// Add setup code
void setup() {
    // Setup time keeper

    // Setup screen and analog clock
    myClock.define(&myScreen, myScreen.screenSizeX()/2, myScreen.screenSizeY()/2, 100);

// Add loop code
void loop() {
    myClock.draw(myTimeKeeper.hour(), myTimeKeeper.minute(), myTimeKeeper.second());