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Bitlash is an open source interpreted language shell and embedded programming environment for Arduino. The Bitlash shell runs entirely on the Arduino and supports many of the familiar Arduino functions. Bitlash interprets commands you type on the serial port or send from your favorite PC-side programming environment.

Version 2.0 of Bitlash offers improved compatibility with C syntax, an upgrade to the macro system to allow true functions with arguments and return values to be defined in the Bitlash language and stored in EEPROM, and many other small improvements.

Also included in this release is a Bitlash-powered Ethernet web server and telnet console for Arduino. The web server generates dynamic web pages using Bitlash 2.0 as the scripting engine. You can administer the server remotely via the password-protected telnet console. The server works with the official Arduino Ethernet shield and compatible Arduino boards.


Bitlash Architecture